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I’m Jocelyn Mercado, the founder of Sacred Planet.

I am a spiritual guide for the modern world, transformational life & business coach, holistic health consultant, writer, and environmentalist.

I have been a student & practitioner of indigenous wisdom and earth-based spirituality for more than 9 years. Prior to that, I worked in Finance & Business for over 15 years, so I have a uniquely balanced right brain / left brain approach.

I created Sacred Planet to support people in a process of un-learning all of the rules & regulations of modern mainstream society which no longer serve our highest good, so that we can reconnect with nature, with joy, and with the TRUTHS that we hold deep within our hearts.

Sacred Planet is a global community of people who are no longer satisfied with the status quo, who are seeking to unlearn all the “rules” placed upon us by mainstream society and search for the ancient truths that we know in our hearts. We are awakening, we are consciousness itself, we are the sacred carriers of life and light. We love the Earth and the stars and the moon and the trees; the traditional indigenous songs feel like home to us; we have witnessed magic and synchronicity and we passionately seek the experience of childlike wonder. We long to release everything old which no longer serves us, and do something revolutionary, something which will change the world, something which will create the brighter future we wish to see. We are open to magic & mystery; we dare to go deeper & ask the questions that many others would be afraid to ask. We are healers, teachers, visionaries, rebels, revolutionaries … and we often feel isolated because we are somehow “different” from most others in modern mainstream society.

If this is you, welcome to Sacred Planet! You are in the right place. Here, you are surrounded by like-minded others all around the globe. In this community, you will find support, inspiration, motivation, and confirmation of the ancient truths singing in your heart.

Here are a few key truths about the state of our world today:

  • We live in a time of crisis on the planet (environmental issues, terrorism, health epidemics, poverty epidemics, war, refugees, the list goes on).
  • For real change to occur, it has to come from the people the individuals grassroots efforts not from the politicians or governments.
  • Every person on the planet right now is here for a reason. We each hold a special key to solve a problem creating suffering on the Earth.
  • We are limited only by what we perceive. We have been taught certain things by our culture, society, government, and childhood situation. These beliefs can be un-learned. We can break free from them & create an entirely new way of living. When we do this, our potential becomes limitless.
  • When a person connects with their life purpose the absolute highest form of contribution that each of us can give, and also the most meaningful and fulfilling work that we can possibly do we reach a state in which we simultaneously live a life without limits, and dynamically create the brighter world that we know is possible.

My mission is to share, with as many people as possible, how to break free from everything that holds you back.

To awaken your deepest awareness to ways that you can heal yourself, and at the same time, heal the Earth.

To reveal to you your unlimited, boundless potential, and guide you in building a new life centered around your heart & soul purpose, so that you can do what you love every day; improve your health, radiance, energy levels, and longevity; and make a tremendous positive difference for our world.

Why? Because this is the only way that we can create a brighter, more compassionate, thriving, and sustainable future, for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and all future generations of life on this beautiful planet.

I want this so that my young daughters can inherit a healthy, sustainable world. So that in their lifetimes, if they want, they can still visit the Amazon rainforest, see a real polar bear, or take a walk surrounded by massive redwood trees. So that these wonders of the planet will not just be myths and stories to them. So that they can breathe clean air and not live in fear of bombs or terrorism or war.

“The next decades—the active lifetimes of the people reading this and their children—will create the blueprint of the future Earth. We have a chance to be heroes if the have the courage to do what the [scientific] knowledge implies, or to be reviled as ignorant, selfish, and hugely destructive if we do not. This is a once-in-all-of-life’s-time opportunity, but we can only take advantage of it if we understand what a unique moment this is and how crucial it is to get things right, and to do it now. For our entire species, today matters. Our society’s current choices—and interpretations—might be the ones that reverberate for millennia, out of all proportion to the thought that went into them.”
~ Quote from The View from the Center of the Universe, by Primack and Abrams

The change must come from each person individually. From grassroots efforts. From small groups working together to create change far greater than the sum of their efforts.

“The world can change if we change our consciousness.”
~ David Crow, Master Herbalist & Visionary Teacher

And we must begin with each person doing the inner work to discover their deepest, most heartfelt truths. Each person must find their true purpose, the work in this world that they can’t NOT do, the work that moves them from the depths of their heart and soul.

So many people all around the world are waking up, raising their consciousness, and listening to their intuition (often for the first time ever!). Why is this happening right now? It’s because Mother Earth is calling out to us. Are you hearing Her call? She needs us to take action on Her behalf. To quit our old jobs and build a new life aligned with our heart & soul. To build a new world, which we will be proud to leave to our children and grandchildren, at the same time as we witness the systems & structures of the old “modern” world crumbling around us.

“The social pillars and belief systems of the conservative past are broken, and the new pillars are not built yet. The collective state — which is similar to being in labor — contains pain, fear, and great hopes all mixed up. This time is the most difficult, and it also offers the most opportunities for those who seek their liberation from old mental prisons.”
~ Arkan Lushwala

We must be bold. We must be fearless. We must be rebels & revolutionaries. We need to have great courage, to be curious & adventurous, to seek out & honor the sacred, to embrace nature, to stare up at the stars in wonder, to dance barefoot in the forest.

We need to reject the status quo and everything that is not working in our world right now – in order to access our innate & inborn power to create something entirely new that the world has never seen before; to bring about a brighter future for all life on our planet.

Here are the essential truths that I have discovered through years of research, immersion in nature, studying with indigenous elders, and reflection. These truths are infused into everything that I offer through Sacred Planet:

* Magic & mystery are available to each & every one of us – indeed, they are our birthright as children of the Earth & Cosmos

* We each possess a vast potential, far greater than we realize

* We are guided & protected by a higher power at every step

* We are SAFE and we are held in love and compassion by that higher power

* Even at very difficult times, we are always on our perfect path

* There are infinite synchronicities & possibilities sparkling all around us at every moment, if only we will open to them



“I have discovered in Jocelyn a true spiritual guide for the modern world, or more… for the world we want to create for the generations to come. For me she represents the sacred marriage between the yin and the yang, by being both structured and mastering the technologies, while showing more feminine aspects such as being supportive, kind, inspiring, a perfect listener, creating beauty in her work. A foot in both worlds, which is what I believe is required from us today.” ~ Baccarha B., Switzerland

“Jocelyn has a unique gift to hone in on the emerging common dream and help others tap into it to see their place in its creation and express it. Excellent. Spot on. Everything she shares in the course resonates with my experience and knowledge, and I have been at this for over three decades. Jocelyn’s course reminds and inspires us to expect miracles. She has done her homework and is generous with her gifts. She poised to generate prolific impact and support others to do the same.” ~ Catherine B., Hawaii

“Thanks so much Jocelyn. The course has somehow miraculously simplified my life into a more coherent energetic whole. Your ability to convey a message and an idea or a feeling is amazing. Your capacity to teach and inspire is remarkable. You are salt of the earth and an inspiring role model for me to strive and continue my life’s purpose and work.” ~ Daniel G., United Kingdom

“I feel inspired now to move forward in my projects, and feel like the energy is freer and flowing now. Something deep has shifted. Thank you for sharing your insights and holding this special space.” ~ Anna P., New Zealand

“Jocelyn with her beautiful personality, knowledge, and wisdom, has the gift of teaching you to co-create with the divine and your true higher self to achieve your life journey and goals.” ~ Olympia Z., Greece

Here are just a few ways that you can engage with me and the Sacred Planet global online community:


Work With Me to Create Your Own Summit or Online Courses!

Online Event Creation ~ I have pioneered a proven process, very different from other summits & speaker series out there, which is guaranteed to help you reach between 2000-6000 new and highly engaged ideal clients, expand into new markets, position you as a global thought leader, and fill your programs.

Online Course Creation ~ Are you ready to begin sharing your wisdom, healing, coaching, and teachings in an online course / group program format, but unsure about how to get started with the technology? I offer done-with-you and done-for-you options to create YOUR own amazing suite of online courses, including visioning, planning, marketing, course setup, and profit maximization strategies.

I only open a few one-on-one coaching spots each year, on a first come, first served basis.

Click here to learn more about working with me.

Global Dreaming Symposium (Held Monthly)

Dreams are a universal language. Everyone dreams. Animals dream. The web of life tells its story in dreams. Dreams are critically important in the psychic life of individuals and the community. In many, maybe most, early cultures the days began with hearing the dreams of the community. You are invited to attend the monthly Global Dreaming Symposium, share your dreams in global community, receive guidance & inspiration from Dr. Tayria Ward and Jocelyn Mercado, and listen to the dreams of others to discern the collective messages we are receiving at this time on Earth. Learn more, see upcoming dates, & register here.

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I support the following organizations which are doing amazing work to transform our world, in service to life, light, and love. Please consider donating to one or more of them; money is a form of energy, and donating to meaningful causes is one powerful way that we can join hands to create a brighter future.

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