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I’ve talked with so many people all around the globe who say that they feel guilty when they try to follow their heart.

They feel like they are asking too much, to want to take the time or the money or the space, to step outside of what society deems “productive,” and do something different … Something that they’ve longed to do all their lives.

Similarly, many people feel deep down (even if it’s hard to admit) that taking time for self-care or personal quiet time is selfish or lazy.

We receive overpowering messages from mainstream culture, about what we should or shouldn’t be doing with every minute of our day. These messages make us doubt our worthiness to feel & express our truest self.

There is a reason why you might have an intense longing to lay outside under a tree “doing nothing,” for example … Or to take time out from serious pursuits to laugh and play …

Or why you have an undeniable feeling that there is something more important that you’re meant to fill your days with, rather than going to an unfulfilling job.

That small voice that you hear is your soul calling out to you.

Ask yourself this: If you take a single day just for yourself, make time to play with a child, or lay under a tree for a few hours, who knows what could happen?

You might just experience an entirely new level of clarity and be inspired with an amazing new idea that can change the world.

Open to the possibilities.

We are being called to heal on a massive scale right now.

Mother Earth is issuing a global call for healers, teachers, visionaries, and revolutionaries of all kinds.

When you hear the voice of your soul, your intuition, it is your sacred responsibility to listen closely, and then take decisive action.

So the next time you want to spend time alone or in nature … Next time you get the urge to take a Reiki class or start a women’s or men’s circle in your community …

Take action! Embrace your heart’s longing for connection and spiritual growth.

For this is the path to raise our collective consciousness.

Give in to your longing!

Do something crazy or lazy or unexpected, something that you’ve never allowed yourself the freedom to do before.

It just might lead you home … To exactly where you’re supposed to be … To exactly what you’re meant to be doing.

If you are seeking happiness and joy, the truest way to find fulfillment is to discover a way that you can bring healing to others.

That is what we are here for.

We become our highest self by helping others to heal … So they, in turn, can become their own highest self.

When you say “yes” to your longing, that desire to heal the world starting with yourself; when you listen to your heart & soul; you are not being selfish at all.

This is the opposite of selfishness. This is the acceptance of your highest destiny.

This is how you find your mission to change the world.

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