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We are each the center of a universe,

Pulsing, becoming,

Drifting in & out of consciousness,

Expanding outward in ever-widening layers

To encompass a fully lived life.


When we are awake, the sun cycles round us.

We feel joy upon hearing laughter;

We give love when there are tears.

We receive messages from Spirit,

We tap into intuition to guide us,

We play,

We run,

We savor our food that grows from the Earth

And provides our cells with continued life.


When we sleep, the Dreamtime arrives.

We romp in the universal consciousness.

The moon blankets everything in its silvery glow.

Mysterious renewal occurs; our brains & bodies rejuvenate.

Sometimes, stirring in the darkness,

We float in the liminal space between worlds

Before drifting back to sleep.

When we wake with the rising sun, a new cycle begins.


We are each a tiny cyclone

Of births, deaths,

Children laughing,

Birds swooping,

Trees rustling,

Storms gathering,

The calm of sleep,

The fierceness of ocean waves.

The universe sends to each of us beauty, intensity, and possibility.


Each time we step outside we are surrounded by the mystery.

It is in everything.

A crackling fire,

An eagle soaring overhead,

A deer with spectacular antlers,

The stars sweeping through a clear night sky,

The oxygen we breathe.

Swollen buds in springtime,

Mirroring the rounded glory of a pregnant mama’s belly.

The trees who with their trunk and branches are oddly so much like us.

The cycles of the moon, waxing and waning,

Bringing tidal waves of emotion to our watery bodies.

The toning of whales,

The lilting sweet songs of birds that wake us at sunrise,

The calling of geese,

The paw lines where polar bears tread,

The warm fur-lined burrows of rabbits.

Raucous sounds from otherworldly insects

In the jungle night.



We are a part of all of this.

All of it is a part of us.

We have lived many lives before;

We have experienced all of these places,

All of these sounds,

All of these knowings.

They are each intimately familiar to us,

If we dig deep for that memory.


Long ago, we dug up herbs to heal family members,

We gave thanks at every sunrise,

We felt the sparkling magic in the messages delivered

Each night in dreams

And each day in the winds or from the animals who appeared by chance.


We are made of magic, and we are destined to return to it.

So go outside,

yes right now,

no matter how hot or cold or windy or rainy it is.

Drop whatever you are doing.

If there are children with you, bring them along, for they are seeking magic too.

Breathe in the fresh air as you step out the door.

Give thanks for the sun and the rain and the wind.

Lay down on the ground,

Or sit on a park bench,

And ask to be shown a miracle.


Open your heart. And see what arrives.


Repeat this practice every day until your life is so filled with the miraculous that you are forever changed.


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