Dare to Be Radically Different

Can you feel it, rising up within you?

The desire to break free. To live the fullest life. To rise above what you’ve experienced so far in this lifetime. To become more than what you’ve been told is possible for you.

We have been repressed, suppressed, put down, put into boxes.

We have been told that we need to put on a pretty face to the world, and hide what we are really feeling.

We’ve been told that when our bodies feel something, we can take medications to not feel it anymore.

These are all examples of how we hide our true selves.

And within the TRUTH of ourselves, lies our extraordinary power.

Just as animals know ahead of time when an earthquake is going to happen or a tsunami is coming …

We too have extra sensory perception.

We have our gut feelings and our emotions to guide us. These are programmed to help us survive and to make tough decisions on the spot.

We have the ability to connect with our Mother Earth, and gain information and instructions from her.

We have the ability to connect with the ancient and infinite intelligence of the cosmos.

We have the ability to receive tremendous abundance.

Abundance, for example, in the form of sunlight, which is showered down upon us in infinite measure every single day. We receive the sunlight not only through our skin, but also through the plants we eat, because they have absorbed the sunlight (as well as moonlight and starlight) through photosynthesis, and they so generously give us a way to take the fiery life force of these cosmic intelligences into our bodies.

We receive abundance in the form of oxygen. With every breath, we take into our bodies the life-support system of oxygen. Oxygen knows how to fuel the cells of every living animal; and that intelligence is circulated throughout our entire bloodstream and to all of our cells every minute, every second of every day.

All of these aspects of the world around us contain immeasurable intelligence. We are part of all of these, and they are inside of us, informing us at every moment.

We are receiving these cosmic downloads of information continuously.

We are also given the gift of intuition, and deep ancestral knowing, to help us make decisions and to tell right from wrong without ever consulting the rules of the modern world.

We have all of this within us already, working to support us, working to help us be happy and free and prosperous.

So why do we doubt ourselves?

Why do we think that we are not good enough, not smart enough, not special enough?

Why do we deny our feelings and intuition? Why do we forget our dreams and downplay our visions for how our future could be? Why do we listen to what other people or modern culture are telling us to do?

No more!


No longer can we submit to staying trapped within the walls of what society deems appropriate for our minds, our hearts, our spirits. 

It is time to break free from ALL of that.


We are alive at this time to shift our entire world out of those old paradigms, and into an entirely new way of being, doing, and living.

We are here today, to be rebels.

We are here today, to be revolutionaries.

We are here today, to make a commitment to stand together, to break free from all of the limitations, from all of the restrictions, from all of the rules that have been falsely created, and falsely imposed upon us.

Keep in mind, that so many of these restrictions to keep our emotions in, to fit in with the crowd, have been created over thousands and thousands of years by a patriarchy that needed to have its subjects submit to its authority in order to stay in charge, in order to stay in power.

Where does that leave us with our power?

It leaves us without power — if we subscribe to those rules and norms.

But you don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules.


The most important thing you can possibly do in your life is to listen to your own dreams, your own intuitive knowing, your own emotions, your own vision, your own crazy ideas that no one else seems to understand.

Those dreams and knowings and visions are the higher forms of intelligence trying to reach you, trying to help you break down the walls that have kept you trapped so far in your life, that have kept you locked in to certain ways of being and doing.

So when you want to do something that doesn’t fit within the norms — within the prescribed rules & regulations of our modern / mainstream society — I say, do it.

As long as it is done in service to goodness and truth … Do it now! Do it immediately!

If you want to dance like a crazy person in your car one day, while you’re stuck in traffic, do it.

If you want to start a business doing something that you love but no one in your family will understand … What are you going to do? Give up your dreams? Or show your true self, reveal your true power, and see what possibilities might unfold?

You’ll be surprised at how things can shift & change when you open up to the TRUTH inside you.


You’ll be shocked at how obstacles can move right out of the way, when you set a clear intention to really LISTEN and RESPOND to what your heart is trying to tell you.

Let’s take a stand together to not submit to those outdated rules anymore.

And let’s let the wisdom within our bodies, and the wisdom that flows through our bodies from the sources of intelligence that are far older, and vaster, and more all-encompassing than us, to influence us.

Let’s not shut it down anymore.

This is my invitation to you.

This may be hard at first.

I understand, I really do.

I’ve been in this line of inquiry for some time.

I’ve had family members say terrible things about the work I’m doing now.

But I’ve realized that there is something much bigger at stake.


What your heart & your intuition are calling out to you to do …

It’s for a reason much bigger than yourself.

It’s to re-align you with your soul’s purpose. So that you can go out and make the unique, deeply-needed difference in the world that ONLY YOU can do.


It may be a big difference, or a small one. It doesn’t matter.

It may be calling you to heal yourself. That is SO IMPORTANT at this time as we are each being called to up-level our energetic frequency to contribute to the collective for a brighter future.

It may be about becoming a world-traveling thought leader who changes thousands of people’s lives every day. That’s important too!

It may be anywhere in between. The size and scope do not matter.

What matters is that you are finding ways to tune into the NEW paths that want to open up for you.

This may arrive to you through emotions, or visions that feel unsettling, or a deep knowing that something in your life is wrong. It may arrive through pain in certain areas of your body, or through money problems, or through illness.

However it arrives, your task is simple: To listen. To tune in and find out what message this higher intelligence is trying to tell you.


We have so much bottled up within us that is trying to tell us something …

That is trying to give us critical information …

That is trying to help us break free.


When you feel something in your body, I invite you to honor it. When you feel an emotion that you’ve suppressed, when you have a dream that you can’t forget, when you realize that a certain relationship is just not working anymore …

It is not a mistake. It is not something that you should ignore and hope it will go away.

You are being asked to respond in some way.

For example, if your neck hurts frequently, you might tune into that feeling of discomfort and ask what it would like you to know. Ask what it is trying to tell you. Maybe you just need to adjust the angle of your computer monitor that you stare at all day. Perhaps you’ve been under a lot of stress lately and need to focus on self-care. Maybe a yoga class would help your neck feel better.

All you have to do is ask, and trust that the answer is within you.

So this is my invitation to you today. LISTEN to your body. LISTEN to your emotions, your dreams, your intuitive knowing. TAKE ACTION on what you learn. If you need self-care, try a hot bath before bed. If you need yoga, go to a yoga class! If you need to reduce stress, try a new meditation practice or try speaking your worries to a friend (or pet!) who really cares.

I hope you’ll give this a try.

The first thing you take action on, will be the first golden thread that you’ve chosen to follow.

And maybe when you’re practicing that self-care or enjoying that yoga class, another idea will come to you. Another golden thread to guide you. Keep following those golden threads.

You’ll be amazed where they will lead you.

Once you have opened the door to really feeling what’s going on in your body, in your emotions, in your dreams and your daydreams …


You’ll be amazed how it will will open up portals to new opportunities and possibilities that you never imagined.

New ways of being / doing / perceiving will keep tapping you on the shoulder and inviting you … To do new things you’ve never done before … Things that will help you heal on many different levels.


It will lead you in the direction of whatever is perfectly right for you.

Set your intentions to be very open to whatever that might be.

Let’s feel our emotions, and express them.

Let’s feel our bodies, and allow them to do what they need to do.


Let’s be revolutionary.

Let’s not fit into the mold anymore.

Let’s honor our “crazy” ideas, and go out and take some sort of “crazy” action.


We are on a certain trajectory right now as human beings. A trajectory which is clearly not leading us to a good place. And we got here by following all of those rules and regulations and trying to “fit in” and “have a good job” and do what everyone else is doing.

Clearly, that model is NOT working any longer.

If you are reading this, then YOU are being powerfully called to change. To get outside of your comfort zone. To shake things up a bit in your life.

You are becoming aware that there are rapid changes coming through to us, from those sources of higher / cosmic / divine intelligence. Things are shifting tremendously. Mother Earth is entering into our hearts, changing our minds, and changing our ideas about what we really want out of life.

Can you feel it, rising up within you?

I know every one of you reading this is feeling the Earth and Cosmos speaking to you, on some level.

So let’s open up to their vast & ancient wisdom.

Let’s do something radically different.

Let’s consciously change our trajectory.

Let’s listen to what the Earth is telling us.

Let’s listen to what our bodies are saying, and our emotions, and our visions, and our craziest ideas. Let’s listen to them.

Let’s share them with somebody that we really, really trust.

And let’s take action, to allow them to grow and expand into something really, really new and different.


We have the ability, as human beings, to birth something entirely new and different than what we have known until now.

But the only way to do that is to allow ourselves to experience things that are completely new and different than what we’ve ever known.


So I invite you to welcome something completely new & different into your life, in whatever way might come forward for you.

Have fun with it!

Let it be joyful and playful.

And dare to do something different than you have ever done before.

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