We Are Being Upgraded and Recalibrated. Can You Feel it?

One of my elder teachers says that our beautiful planet Earth is one of many celestial beings in the universe. Earth is on her own life path, just as we all are. The events occurring on our Mother Earth right now, are not only part of our human journey, but part of Earth’s journey too, part of her soul’s evolution. These events are one aspect of a larger whole that is encompassed by the larger universe and multi-verse. We are not the only place where the action is happening!

As we recognize that our Earth is one being in a larger celestial family, it’s important to notice that we are not alone. Earth herself is not alone. She has parents, aunties and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, out there in the universe, guiding and helping her, my elder teacher says. She is also instructed by a vast higher intelligence that permeates all of creation. This higher intelligence is an integral part of each living being (you, me, alligators, pandas, ants, trees, ferns, rivers, mountains, Earth, Saturn, Sun, etc…), providing us with inner guidance, a sense of knowing from one’s heart, and ancient understandings of all that we perceive.

This higher intelligence is also being broadcast throughout the universe in a truly celestial version of the internet, for all beings to receive & utilize. It comes in the form of sunlight, starlight, and pulsing energetics traversing the vast distances of the cosmos.

Our Earth is constantly receiving instructions and information to support & guide her on her evolutionary path.

And so are we.

In recent months, we have received numerous cosmic upgrades from this higher intelligence. That’s one of the reasons why everything feels so incredibly intense right now. We are being upgraded with new celestial technology, within our DNA and throughout our entire bodies.

Ascension guide Sandra Walter says: As Gaia’s magnetics shift, our own magnetics are adjusting. This is a function of the Ascension process; migrating realities to new, purified systems where the Higher Self can express right through the physical. It can make you feel like you are simultaneously coming apart and unifying with your Higher levels at once. Both are occurring.” (See Sandra’s full article here.)

As a result of these shifts, there are changes you might notice within yourself, especially if you are naturally sensitive to energetics:

  • Increased intuitive abilities
  • Enhanced awareness of synchronicities and magical occurrences
  • Increased levels of gratitude
  • Sensations that it is urgent to change or do something different
  • Feeling especially emotional
  • Increased need for self-care and improved health regimens
  • Feeling the highest highs & the lowest lows
  • Tiredness, a need for more sleep

Also driving forward this massive energetic shift is the fact that we will have 5 eclipses in 2018, instead of the usual 4 per year. 2019 will also have 5 eclipses, and 2020 will have 6! We are living in times of dramatic evolutionary shifts, and we are being guided by the larger intelligence of the cosmos. Eclipses rock our world and bring us face to face with both intense light and intense shadow. During the upcoming July-August eclipse season with eclipses occurring on July 13, July 27, and August 11, we are called to release all that is old and no longer serving the collective good, and to create ways of being and living that are entirely new, strengthening & revitalizing our connection to the creative force of LIFE.

Those of us living at this catalyzing time are being called to bring forth a new reality based on love, compassion, and community. This new way of being and living will be so powerful it can rise above & overcome the violence and separation that humanity has experienced over the past 500 years or more.

The horrific events in the United States with children being torn from their parents’ arms at the U.S./Mexico border, is a part of this soul evolution that we are experiencing. Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters, says: “This deep sickness is not new. To me it is the mother wound exposed in its raw agony. The child crying out for mother in a world of humans more or less completely separated from the true mother that births and breathes us all our whole lives long. We are almost all broken from our Mother ~ severed from the experience of a belonging so complete that we could never shred our ecosystems and consume our world to the threat of our own lives and that of all species. The normalisation of ecological dominance is an expression of this fracturing. The caging of children is another.”

Despite the difficult news we now hear daily, this is not a time to despair. It is a time to heal ourselves so that we can be ready to take action.

It is a time to allow our highest self to come forth in support of LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE. As I mentioned before, we are experiencing both the highest highs and the lowest lows, within ourselves as well as in the external world. It can be difficult to sit with these feelings of paradox; it can be overwhelming.

It is SO important to know that at the same time as we see tragedy occurring, we are each being upgraded and given supercharged abilities to change & to heal, to tap into the higher intelligence that is always available to us, to reject the old paradigm, and to create a massive restructuring of our world so these tragedies will be stopped in their tracks. 

The power to do this is within us. 

The power to do this is within the Earth. 

The power to do this is within YOU.

The power to do this is already here. We only need to acknowledge the INFINITELY MORE that we are capable of.

I encourage you to set aside 10 to 15 minutes, today or tomorrow, to sit quietly in solitude, and FEEL your new capabilities rising up within you. You are receiving, through cosmic upgrades, enhanced abilities to access your intuition, to connect with your spirit guides, to receive downloads of information that will help you discern the greater truth, and the courage to break apart the false illusions of fear and separation.

Really feel how the new energies are flowing into you & helping you to evolve on all levels.

Sandra Walter says: “Our new skills are quite limitless when we get our lower mind out of the way.” 

Above all, take heart and be kind to yourself. If it feels too intense, try to give yourself more time for self-care or sleep, so you can integrate the upgrades and allow deep healing to occur. You do not need to TRY to heal. Simply accept that you are engaged in a powerful process that is much larger than yourself, and give yourself space & compassion.

Your body is already attuned to the Earth and Cosmos, to the powerful force of LIFE regenerating continuously, here on Earth and throughout the galaxies. Your body and your soul know what to do. Your role is simply to allow them to evolve & receive the new energies coming in.

Know that, while things may seem cataclysmic, this is not the end. It is a stunning new beginning. We are entering into a time in which we can truly CHOOSE a completely new & different way of being and living in the world.

We must choose powerfully what we will create next!

Allowing the healing to occur within you is the first & most important thing you can do.

But if you are feeling restless and inclined to take action, then choose to do something that you have never done before. Getting outside of your comfort zone & intentionally choosing a completely new way of BEING is the ideal way to create the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible, as Charles Eisenstein says. Do something that your heart has been longing to do. Take action that feels aligned with your soul’s deepest knowings.

The world needs you. We need your highest self, and all of your gifts & talents, to be fully activated & brought forth as we move deeper into this time of Radical Change.

Be bold and fearless. Trust yourself. Trust the guidance that you receive. Everything you need is already within you. Your limitless skills are growing in power. Trust in this larger process at work right now, and know that you are here to assist.

Know that you are alive at this momentous time to help bring in the new energetics which will enable us to deconstruct the old, crumbling systems of patriarchy and build a completely new world based on life, light, and love.  

There is magic inside you. Allow it to bubble forth. Your highest self is ready to come forward. Relax into this process, with trust and confidence that all is happening in perfect divine timing, for the greatest good for all beings.

This is the way forward. 

Here we go!

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