For Bold & Fearless Entrepreneurs ONLY! (Day 2 of 3)

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Here is your Day 2 post for bold & fearless entrepreneurs ONLY!

When you are seeking to:

  • Make transformational changes in your life …
  • Bring your soul’s mission out to the world …
  • Welcome in abundance and financial resources to support your dreams …
  • Find the courage to be visible and speak your truth to a wider audience …

It’s so important to hold the highest vision for your future AND the future of your business.

Here is the best and simplest thing you can do to ensure you are creating your future with maximum abundance: 

Hold your vision clear & strong. 

I want to give you a daily practice to support you in this.

Every morning, when you first wake up and before your feet hit the floor, take just 5 minutes to really see & feel your highest vision for your business as if it’s already happening:

  • You are connecting with hundreds or thousands of your ideal clients all around the planet
  • You are well-established and recognized as a global thought leader
  • Your teachings and wisdom are rippling out into the world & making a profound positive difference
  • Abundant income is flowing to you every single day, week, and month
  • Your programs are full and there is a wait list of people who want to work with you
  • You are experiencing freedom and joy, because it’s all happening with ease and flow
  • Your energy levels are getting higher because of all the success that surrounds you!

Hold that vision! Picture how you will go about your day when that is happening. Imagine how it will feel. Really put yourself in the shoes of your future self, and take the time to FEEL the emotions of joy, fulfillment, prosperity, and knowing you are making a huge positive difference in the world.

If it’s possible for you, stop everything else you are doing right now and imagine that vision as if it’s already here. Then get out a pen and paper, write down your vision, and keep this piece of paper – which is now sacred because it holds the vision of you carrying out your soul’s mission. 

Keep this paper by your bedside and read it every single morning (you guessed it!) before your feet even hit the floor. 

YOU truly can live from a place of making your highest possible contribution to the world, and at the same time, being fully present to the joy & magic of your family, friends, and beautiful life.

You are worth it. Your sacred mission is worth it. And you deserve to feel this kind of fulfillment and joy.

How do YOU most deeply desire to create your life? 

You ALREADY have the power to make it happen. You can begin creating it RIGHT NOW.

Write down your vision, and BECOME your vision for 5 minutes every single morning.

If you do this with dedication, commitment, and courage, it will have no choice but to manifest into your daily reality. 

Enjoy this daily practice! And seriously, if you haven’t yet gotten out a pen and paper, do so NOW and write that vision down!

Stay tuned for Day 3 (tomorrow), because that’s when I’m going to give you a powerful (completely free) way to receive ongoing business coaching, strategies, and guidance for bringing your vision fully into physical reality!



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