Mother Earth is Whole and Unharmed

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It came as a vision, during sacred ceremony, a little less than a year ago.

In the vision, I traveled through the center of the Pleiades, and I found the Earth, in her state of original beauty. She was perfect, unharmed, whole and pristine. Her rivers were flowing with sparkling, clean water. Her mountains and hills were voluptuous tree-covered curves, untouched by mining or extraction. People of every color were living upon her, peacefully, indigenously, living in sacred reciprocal connection with the land. The people, animals, and plants were healthy and vibrant.

The message I received upon seeing this was: “Mother Earth is whole and pristine. She has never been harmed. When you look at her and see the harm & destruction, it is only your mistaken perspective, it is only an illusion.”

I emerged from the sweat lodge that day feeling uplifted by the message, but baffled. My thinking mind’s interpretation of this message was twofold:

(1) First, the possibilities: When we energize the vision of Mother Earth as whole and unharmed, we can help to shift our reality and make that pristine version of her more & more real … and actually bring back her original state of wholeness, through our energies & perceptions.

(2) Next, the doubt: BUT … In physical reality, so much harm has truly, already been done to her … How can she still be whole?

And I doubted the vision. It seemed wonderful in an idealistic kind of way, but I couldn’t grasp how it was meant to actually be useful or instructive.

Yet I shared the Pleiades and Earth vision with others when I felt called to do so. By sharing it, I heard other people’s interpretations and hoped to make the vision and its message more & more real each time, by speaking it aloud and offering it to enter other people’s awareness & perception.

When I told it to a group of women including Woman Stands Shining, she said, “I too have seen that the Holy Hoop of Life has never been broken.” And yet for her, too, it was difficult to know how to believe & trust this vision fully, when we see the Earth being raped, young people committing suicide, and sacred lands destroyed.

And so I have carried this vision, always in the back of my awareness, knowing there is something more to this than my human, logical mind can yet comprehend.

And I have continued on with my work, and being a mother, and being a global citizen … Sharing what I have felt is important to share. Yet all the while I’ve held (and tried to deny) an overshadowing feeling of impending doom (which I think we can all relate to). It’s a fear that my children, and especially my grandchildren, might never get to experience a healthy Earth during their lifetimes. Will Mama Gaia be sick and declining by the time my children are 20 or 30 years old? Quite possibly. Will polar bears and whales and rhinos still exist? Quite possibly not.

And yet we carry on, creating positive change in every way we can.

I have carried on with the feeling that I have to somehow FIX this, that it’s partly my responsibility to figure out the solution, that I have to name the solution and put it into words and share it with people. That many, many of us have this responsibility, and I need to be sure to play my part in finding the FIX.

Shouldering all of this responsibility for something so big I can hardly wrap my head around it.

Forgetting that the vision I was given, was a message of hope. A message of a better way.

And then there was an opening.

Something new coming into my awareness.

It first shone through a crack in my perception when I read an essay in the book Original Instructions: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future. This book is a collection of talks given at the annual Bioneers conference between 1997 to 2006. The essay I read was by John Mohawk, a Seneca teacher & scholar. I wish I could include his entire piece of writing here, but instead I’ll provide a summary of his wisdom:

He begins by pointing out that climate change and global catastrophic events have occurred many times before on our planet. And these events are recorded in the ancient teachings and stories of MANY different cultures.

In fact, many of these old, old stories say that humans have essentially “misbehaved” and created catastrophes before. Mohawk says, “To those who think that the concept of global warming is a new concept, let me turn you to the Hopi.” The Hopi story states that “in the past, there were previous worlds, and we emerged from one of those worlds into this one, the fourth world. But in the past worlds, human beings misbehaved in such a way that they offended the spirits of nature, and the spirits of nature retaliated by causing disasters.” Mohawk points out that the Iroquois, the Cree, and many other Indian cultures have very similar stories.

He goes on to explain that we’ve done this exact same thing several times before, and this is precisely what we are doing now, again, in this fourth world.

Then he goes on to explain that the entire history of human beings has been to adapt to extremely harsh and difficult situations. He spoke about human beings expanding across the Earth: “Some of them went to places that were dark half the year. Some of them went to places that were water, or covered with snow and ice. Others went to places that were so dense with foliage that they couldn’t see five feet ahead of them …

“That is the marvelous capacity of our species to survive. Our adaptation is the ability to live where people have not lived before, under conditions they have not lived under before.”

He ends the essay: “Humans will survive the next climate change. Trust me. Humans will survive anything. Corporations won’t necessarily survive it though; Monsanto won’t survive it.”

This information provided a breakthrough in my conceptual understanding of what is happening on our planet. After reading his essay, I furiously scribbled the following note to myself:

“We don’t have to try to ‘fix’ climate change. It’s too late for that, and it’s ok. Our world is changing and the parts of it that are notworking for Mother Earth are notgoing to survive. Our role is to be ready to survive it, and to rebuild a sustainable, indigenous way of living, during and afterwards. And to support & uplift one another through the changes. It’s going to be ok. We don’t have to stress out so much. We don’t have to FIX it. We just have to get ready to adapt and rebuild in a good way.”

This was a relief to me, as these realizations poured through my system.

The Earth is whole and unharmed. And she is navigating all of this far better than we humans know.

Anything we as humans think we can control, is already being managed by larger forces.

The Earth is a living organism. She is not going to let us kill her. Her immune systems will kick in (and already have in so many ways) to force us to change, so that we have to stop harming her.

And that’s exactly what is happening now … With the extreme weather, the floods and the fires, and the huge global awakening of awareness that is sweeping through our psyches, through our hearts, making us want to change everything about the ways in which we are living.

So that made me feel better about surviving, about the future of my children and grandchildren and the next seven generations … even if conditions change, future generations can still survive, and even thrive in the changing environment.

And yet … Thinking this over, my conclusions still seemed a bit anthropocentric, and I still felt a large amount of grief and guilt over all the harm we as humans have done. Harm to the plants, to the animals, to the ecosystems. To ourselves. Why do we have to be so harmful?

Then I started watching a very compelling docu-series about gut health by Dr. Pedram Shojai. (Seemingly unrelated, right? But actually, oh so intertwined.)

And what kept popping up in my mind as I listened was, wow, we are harming our bodies on SO many levels, daily, relentlessly. Antibiotics, prescription drugs, processed foods, heavy metals, chemicals, sedentary lifestyles.

And yet our bodies, for the most part, keep healing.

It is incredible what our physical bodies can take and handle seamlessly, before showing even the slightest sign of weakness or dis-ease.

It’s also incredible what the Earth is able to handle, the ways we are harming her, and still she continues fairly stable and regenerates equilibrium over & over again.

Here is the key:

Living systems WANT to heal.

As Woman Stands Shining says, “The plan is LIFE. Just look around you. There is no other plan.”

And then these words came through, clear as a bell: The potential and capacity for HEALING is far greater than you can possibly imagine.

HEALING of the Earth, the plants, the animals.

Healing of our human bodies and minds.

The healing that WANTS to happen.

We just need to get out of the way and allow the HEALING to happen. The Earth can do this without any help from us. We just need to give her a little space.

As if to drive that point home, right on time, today I read the following in a beautiful article from Paula Gunn Allen, which seems to bring all of it together perfectly:

“We in the West believe that we can do anything. We actually think that we can destroy the planet. Try it. We actually believe that we can create a planet. Try it. We can’t do any of those things. We aren’t that big. We’re not that important. …

“The Great Mother is beautiful, no matter what. And she’s perfectly willing to fall on my head. She’s perfectly willing to erupt right now into a volcano like the movies they make in L.A. She doesn’t care. She does what she does. She’s not nice. She’s not pretty; she’s beautiful. And I’m telling you something about the feminine, what the feminine means. She is one scary bitch. She gives real meaning to the word. We run around as humans … We try to control her. You can’t control a mad woman who’s a sorceress. I can see why we try …

“The world can save itself quite well. It’s doing it. There are so many people who are involved in a new form of saving the world. It’s a wonderful thing. You’re doing it because She told you to. She comes through your bodies and hands and minds and mouths …

“You can’t change, fix, or solve anything. But you can live and learn and have gratitude and love. Then you’re here because you’re here because you’re Her, because we’re us. Now let’s get on with being and with nurturing each other and all the children and everything around us.”

So now, with these added insights from the elders, I believe I have come to a clearer knowing about what my vision was trying to communicate.

There is nothing to fix. What we’re experiencing today, is the natural progression of our world. It is not easy; yet we are here. We are alive. We get to experience all the beauty and all the splendor of this amazing life on our beautiful planet.

And when we look into our hearts, we know exactly what to do. We just need to work on being the best possible versions of ourselves, and cultivating the sacred and the TRUTH in whatever way we can, and we need to take care of each other, with love and compassion.

And then we need to trust.

Trust that the Earth is going through a shaman’s initiation, as Sandra Ingerman says. And because we are Her, we’re going through that initiation too.

Trust that it might be hard right now, but we already have everything we need to emerge into the brighter future.

Trust that it’s not all our fault. In actuality, most humans are doing our very best. Trust that it’s all part of a larger plan.

Trust that the healing WANTS to happen. That the Plan is Life. That the potential and capacity of the Earth to heal herself (and her capacity to heal us) is far greater than we can possibly imagine.

Trust that we don’t have to TRY so hard; we don’t have to SOLVE everything.

Trust that having fun and teaching our children how to be happy and being kind to other people are some of the absolute best things we can possibly do with our time here.

Trust that when we follow our soul’s calling and do what we love, that that calling is the Earth and Cosmos and all that is sacred, speaking through us, helping us each to unfold as a perfect part of the larger plan.

And TRUST that we are whole. The Earth is whole. We are exactly where we are meant to be.

The Holy Hoop of Life has never been broken.

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