In Taos, the land was open to us

We were permeable, receiving …

The protection & highest energies of the land entered into our bare feet …

Entered into our skin through the wind and air currents …

Entered into our body & bloodstream as we drank the cool, clear water from the underground springs.

We journeyed far away and entered into conversations with the unseen, the unknown …

The unknowable.

And we were held, fiercely, in the eternal embrace of the Mother.

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Now I am standing outside of a hotel

In Albuquerque

Waiting for the airport shuttle.

Everything is cold and hard.

Everything is paved over.

I look for Earth, dirt, soil … and I can see none.

I find some stones and reach down to send them my love, to caress them

Not caring what any onlookers will think.

I look at the paved street, the concrete sidewalk …

I think of the Great Mother beneath these surface-level shell coverings that we have applied to Her.

Why does she not simply break through this asphalt, this pavement?

Why does she sit silently and allow Herself to be covered over by man’s inventions?

This bothers me on some profound inner level, deep within my ancestral awareness.

The Grandmothers within me are yelling for the Great Mother to break free. She can break down all of this concrete and blacktop, they say to me. In an instant.

Why has She submitted to this?

Why have WE submitted to this?

Why do we allow ourselves to be bullied into thinking this modern society is normal?

Why do we submit to the rush-rush culture, the consumerism, the pharmaceuticals?

Why do we submit to living in square houses and staring out of square windows all day?

To be crazy, wacky, outlandish in today’s world … Is the only way to be sane.

Those deemed “sane” or “normal” … Those who cover up the pain and refuse to feel or see or hear what is really happening in our world … Are slowly being driven insane. Are slowly giving up their heart and soul.

And I know YOU are not one of those. 

I know you are one of the crazy ones … in all the best ways.

I am too.

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So I suggest this to you:

Perhaps our submission and Hers are one and the same.

In fact, of course they are one and the same.

So what will it take for us (you, me, the Great Mother) to break free?

What will it take for us as human beings to unshackle ourselves, to return to the wild, to quit mind-numbing jobs and leave loveless relationships?

Do we need the Great Mother to rise up and break down all the structures that hold us pinned into place?

Do we need her to crack through the pavement, break open the water lines and sewer pipes? Do we need her to bring a halt to our ingenious transportation systems?

If she does that, then will we be able to let go?

Let go of the designer clothes and the convenience stores and the flying and driving everywhere in our fossil-fuel powered vehicles …

Let go of the need for endless growth and endless money and endless comfort …

Will we be able to turn back to wild nature, when she tumbles our skyscrapers down to the ground?

It may be frightening to imagine this …

But if it happens … When it happens … It will set us free.

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And yet

What if it doesn’t need to come to that?

What if we decide not to wait for the Great Mother to take matters into Her own hands?

What if we decide that we want to make the first move …

In support of LIFE and all living things …

Including support of our Mother Earth.

What if we can each just stop buying so many things …

Reconnect with nature …

Spend more time outdoors and less time inside of square boxes, staring at square screens.

What if we can follow the lead of our ancestors and begin giving back to our Mother?

This, to me, feels like the key. (And the dreams of our community are reinforcing this idea …)

Giving gifts to Her is a critically important key.

The gifts might be cornmeal, or tobacco, or crystals, or beads …

The gifts could be Moonblood from the women or tears falling from our eyes in the midst of our deepest emotions.

The gifts could be standing barefoot and exchanging our life force energy with Her.

All of these are gifts that we can sprinkle upon Mother Earth to re-establish our reciprocal connection with her.

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Have you ever laid down on the Earth and felt Her energies coursing through all of your chakras? (It’s amazing. Try it …)

Have you ever pressed your face into Her grasses and mosses and soil, and breathed in deeply? 

Have you ever rolled down a hill and let gravity carry you in joyful tumbling upon Her body?

I’d be willing to bet you did these things as a child.

That’s because children still remember how we are meant to live … In deep reciprocal connection, and play, and communication, with our Mother Earth and all of nature.

Children love to run barefoot … Get covered in mud … Find the deepest puddles and jump right into them … Put their faces down close to the ground … Roll around in the grass.

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And I can say with absolute certainty – You need to do these things again, now, as an adult.

As soon as possible.

Lay down on the ground.

Embrace a tree, and breathe in its earthy, living scent.

Speak to the rocks.

Jump into an ice-cold river, for the sheer joy of it.

Stand barefoot upon the land, look upward, and feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

Stop DOING, and simply BE with the glorious feeling of BEING alive, of BEING a living creature, of the privilege of existing on the Earth at this very moment.

And not only that … But also, start giving back to our Mother Earth.

Give Her delicate gifts ~ Beads, shells, tobacco, cornmeal.

If you are of menstrual age, give your blood to the Earth each month.

When you need to cry, go outside and let the Great Mother receive your tears … Your emotions … Your deepest feelings.

If we do these things, then we will remember … At all of the deepest levels … Who we really are.

Perhaps then so many of us will be changed that we will never be able to go back to “normal.” 

Perhaps then we can live as humans were always meant to, rewilded, reconnected, reimagining how life could really be.

In whatever way is right for you, I encourage you to go out and just BE with Her today. 

Stare up at the sky. 

Feel the immense blessing of being able to stand upon Her body.

Feel the miracle of Her life force flowing through your body in sunlight & oxygen, in breath and in blood.

Bring your children or grandchildren with you.

Share your intentions for the future with them.

Share your intentions for the future with our Mother Earth.

Sit upon Her, shower Her with gifts, caress Her, and tell Her how much you love Her.

Go. Now …

By Jocelyn Mercado

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