What Will It Take?

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In Taos, the land was open to us

We were permeable, receiving …

The protection & highest energies of the land entered into our bare feet …

Entered into our skin through the wind and air currents …

Entered into our body & bloodstream as we drank the cool, clear water from the underground springs.

We journeyed far away and entered into conversations with the unseen, the unknown …

The unknowable.

And we were held, fiercely, in the eternal embrace of the Mother.

Taos 2019-7.jpg

Now I am standing outside of a hotel

In Albuquerque

Waiting for the airport shuttle.

Everything is cold and hard.

Everything is paved over.

I look for Earth, dirt, soil … and I can see none.

I find some stones and reach down to send them my love, to caress them

Not caring what any onlookers will think.

I look at the paved street, the concrete sidewalk …

I think of the Great Mother beneath these surface-level shell coverings that we have applied to Her.

Why does she not simply break through this asphalt, this pavement?

Why does she sit silently and allow Herself to be covered over by man’s inventions?

This bothers me on some profound inner level, deep within my ancestral awareness.

The Grandmothers within me are yelling for the Great Mother to break free. She can break down all of this concrete and blacktop, they say to me. In an instant.

Why has She submitted to this?

Why have WE submitted to this?

Why do we allow ourselves to be bullied into thinking this modern society is normal?

Why do we submit to the rush-rush culture, the consumerism, the pharmaceuticals?

Why do we submit to living in square houses and staring out of square windows all day?

To be crazy, wacky, outlandish in today’s world … Is the only way to be sane.

Those deemed “sane” or “normal” … Those who cover up the pain and refuse to feel or see or hear what is really happening in our world … Are slowly being driven insane. Are slowly giving up their heart and soul.

And I know YOU are not one of those. 

I know you are one of the crazy ones … in all the best ways.

I am too.

Breaching Humpback Whale_1280.jpg

So I suggest this to you:

Perhaps our submission and Hers are one and the same.

In fact, of course they are one and the same.

So what will it take for us (you, me, the Great Mother) to break free?

What will it take for us as human beings to unshackle ourselves, to return to the wild, to quit mind-numbing jobs and leave loveless relationships?

Do we need the Great Mother to rise up and break down all the structures that hold us pinned into place?

Do we need her to crack through the pavement, break open the water lines and sewer pipes? Do we need her to bring a halt to our ingenious transportation systems?

If she does that, then will we be able to let go?

Let go of the designer clothes and the convenience stores and the flying and driving everywhere in our fossil-fuel powered vehicles …

Let go of the need for endless growth and endless money and endless comfort …

Will we be able to turn back to wild nature, when she tumbles our skyscrapers down to the ground?

It may be frightening to imagine this …

But if it happens … When it happens … It will set us free.

Polar Bear Mother and Cubs_1240.jpg

And yet

What if it doesn’t need to come to that?

What if we decide not to wait for the Great Mother to take matters into Her own hands?

What if we decide that we want to make the first move …

In support of LIFE and all living things …

Including support of our Mother Earth.

What if we can each just stop buying so many things …

Reconnect with nature …

Spend more time outdoors and less time inside of square boxes, staring at square screens.

What if we can follow the lead of our ancestors and begin giving back to our Mother?

This, to me, feels like the key. (And the dreams of our community are reinforcing this idea …)

Giving gifts to Her is a critically important key.

The gifts might be cornmeal, or tobacco, or crystals, or beads …

The gifts could be Moonblood from the women or tears falling from our eyes in the midst of our deepest emotions.

The gifts could be standing barefoot and exchanging our life force energy with Her.

All of these are gifts that we can sprinkle upon Mother Earth to re-establish our reciprocal connection with her.

Taos 2019-1.jpg

Have you ever laid down on the Earth and felt Her energies coursing through all of your chakras? (It’s amazing. Try it …)

Have you ever pressed your face into Her grasses and mosses and soil, and breathed in deeply? 

Have you ever rolled down a hill and let gravity carry you in joyful tumbling upon Her body?

I’d be willing to bet you did these things as a child.

That’s because children still remember how we are meant to live … In deep reciprocal connection, and play, and communication, with our Mother Earth and all of nature.

Children love to run barefoot … Get covered in mud … Find the deepest puddles and jump right into them … Put their faces down close to the ground … Roll around in the grass.

Child playing in mud_1280.jpg

And I can say with absolute certainty – You need to do these things again, now, as an adult.

As soon as possible.

Lay down on the ground.

Embrace a tree, and breathe in its earthy, living scent.

Speak to the rocks.

Jump into an ice-cold river, for the sheer joy of it.

Stand barefoot upon the land, look upward, and feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

Stop DOING, and simply BE with the glorious feeling of BEING alive, of BEING a living creature, of the privilege of existing on the Earth at this very moment.

And not only that … But also, start giving back to our Mother Earth.

Give Her delicate gifts ~ Beads, shells, tobacco, cornmeal.

If you are of menstrual age, give your blood to the Earth each month.

When you need to cry, go outside and let the Great Mother receive your tears … Your emotions … Your deepest feelings.

If we do these things, then we will remember … At all of the deepest levels … Who we really are.

Perhaps then so many of us will be changed that we will never be able to go back to “normal.” 

Perhaps then we can live as humans were always meant to, rewilded, reconnected, reimagining how life could really be.

In whatever way is right for you, I encourage you to go out and just BE with Her today. 

Stare up at the sky. 

Feel the immense blessing of being able to stand upon Her body.

Feel the miracle of Her life force flowing through your body in sunlight & oxygen, in breath and in blood.

Bring your children or grandchildren with you.

Share your intentions for the future with them.

Share your intentions for the future with our Mother Earth.

Sit upon Her, shower Her with gifts, caress Her, and tell Her how much you love Her.

Go. Now …

By Jocelyn Mercado

Taos 2019-2.jpg

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

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Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

Does your child, grandchild, or another child close to you have visionary, intuitive, psychic, or lightworker abilities?

And if so, how can you support & encourage them to hold onto their confidence, embrace their gifts, and strengthen their innate abilities, even as they grow up and feel pressure to fit into in this modern mainstream world?

If this resonates for you, you’ll definitely want to check out my newest video (below)!

Here is what I know for certain: Our children of today will construct the future. We want them to be well-prepared to create a world that is run by advanced levels of human consciousness. We want them to be on the forefront of the consciousness wave, and able to bring a love for nature & a deep understanding of the higher intelligence of the cosmos, forward onto the world stage and make it mainstream. All while carrying a profound self-confidence and conviction for what they stand for.

These kids are, truly, our greatest hope for building a bright & vibrant future for our planet and for all of Life. And so we need to inspire & empower them to hold onto their gifts, to strengthen their innate powers & abilities, so they can become leaders who are truly tapped into LIFE and the vast possibilities available to humankind. 

During my new video, you’ll learn: 

  • What is the difference between Indigo, Crystal, and rainbowchildren? 
  • Are all children born with the potential to become healers? 
  • How can we support our gifted children in strengthening their self-confidence and their sense of being uniquely prepared to make a positive contribution for our world? 
  • I’ll share five fun, practical, and actionable ideas for how to deepen your relationship with your child while giving them space to embrace & strengthen their psychic, healing, and lightworker abilities.

Watch my video right here … It’s less than 12 minutes long, and so inspiring:

To the health & vibrancy of our next seven generations of miraculous children!

Love and blessings,

Jocelyn Mercado

Founder of Sacred Planet

Winter Solstice

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Ancient Legends of the Winter Solstice & How to Create Your Own Solstice Ritual

As the days get shorter in the Northern Hemisphere, we are nearing the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice has been celebrated as a joyous and momentous day since the beginning of human culture, because on this day, the sun appears to turn back “toward” us (as this phenomenon was viewed by ancient peoples) and brings reassurance that Spring will arrive before too much longer. 

The 2018 Winter Solstice will be aligned with the Full Moon in Cancer, making it a powerful time to set our intentions for the New Year.

I invite you to watch the following video, where you’ll learn: 

  • What exactly is the Winter Solstice? 
  • Fascinating beliefs and cultural traditions of different ancient peoples related to the Winter Solstice
  • Why the Reindeer Mother is an important figure at this time of year 
  • How the Sun is vital to our lives in a much more profound & meaningful way than we might realize 
  • What is the celebration of Yule? 
  • How to create your own personalized Winter Solstice Ritual and access the power of this day to set strong intentions for the New Year
  • And much more!

Enjoy! And bright Solstice blessings to you and yours!

Mother Earth is Whole and Unharmed

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It came as a vision, during sacred ceremony, a little less than a year ago.

In the vision, I traveled through the center of the Pleiades, and I found the Earth, in her state of original beauty. She was perfect, unharmed, whole and pristine. Her rivers were flowing with sparkling, clean water. Her mountains and hills were voluptuous tree-covered curves, untouched by mining or extraction. People of every color were living upon her, peacefully, indigenously, living in sacred reciprocal connection with the land. The people, animals, and plants were healthy and vibrant.

The message I received upon seeing this was: “Mother Earth is whole and pristine. She has never been harmed. When you look at her and see the harm & destruction, it is only your mistaken perspective, it is only an illusion.”

I emerged from the sweat lodge that day feeling uplifted by the message, but baffled. My thinking mind’s interpretation of this message was twofold:

(1) First, the possibilities: When we energize the vision of Mother Earth as whole and unharmed, we can help to shift our reality and make that pristine version of her more & more real … and actually bring back her original state of wholeness, through our energies & perceptions.

(2) Next, the doubt: BUT … In physical reality, so much harm has truly, already been done to her … How can she still be whole?

And I doubted the vision. It seemed wonderful in an idealistic kind of way, but I couldn’t grasp how it was meant to actually be useful or instructive.

Yet I shared the Pleiades and Earth vision with others when I felt called to do so. By sharing it, I heard other people’s interpretations and hoped to make the vision and its message more & more real each time, by speaking it aloud and offering it to enter other people’s awareness & perception.

When I told it to a group of women including Woman Stands Shining, she said, “I too have seen that the Holy Hoop of Life has never been broken.” And yet for her, too, it was difficult to know how to believe & trust this vision fully, when we see the Earth being raped, young people committing suicide, and sacred lands destroyed.

And so I have carried this vision, always in the back of my awareness, knowing there is something more to this than my human, logical mind can yet comprehend.

And I have continued on with my work, and being a mother, and being a global citizen … Sharing what I have felt is important to share. Yet all the while I’ve held (and tried to deny) an overshadowing feeling of impending doom (which I think we can all relate to). It’s a fear that my children, and especially my grandchildren, might never get to experience a healthy Earth during their lifetimes. Will Mama Gaia be sick and declining by the time my children are 20 or 30 years old? Quite possibly. Will polar bears and whales and rhinos still exist? Quite possibly not.

And yet we carry on, creating positive change in every way we can.

I have carried on with the feeling that I have to somehow FIX this, that it’s partly my responsibility to figure out the solution, that I have to name the solution and put it into words and share it with people. That many, many of us have this responsibility, and I need to be sure to play my part in finding the FIX.

Shouldering all of this responsibility for something so big I can hardly wrap my head around it.

Forgetting that the vision I was given, was a message of hope. A message of a better way.

And then there was an opening.

Something new coming into my awareness.

It first shone through a crack in my perception when I read an essay in the book Original Instructions: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future. This book is a collection of talks given at the annual Bioneers conference between 1997 to 2006. The essay I read was by John Mohawk, a Seneca teacher & scholar. I wish I could include his entire piece of writing here, but instead I’ll provide a summary of his wisdom:

He begins by pointing out that climate change and global catastrophic events have occurred many times before on our planet. And these events are recorded in the ancient teachings and stories of MANY different cultures.

In fact, many of these old, old stories say that humans have essentially “misbehaved” and created catastrophes before. Mohawk says, “To those who think that the concept of global warming is a new concept, let me turn you to the Hopi.” The Hopi story states that “in the past, there were previous worlds, and we emerged from one of those worlds into this one, the fourth world. But in the past worlds, human beings misbehaved in such a way that they offended the spirits of nature, and the spirits of nature retaliated by causing disasters.” Mohawk points out that the Iroquois, the Cree, and many other Indian cultures have very similar stories.

He goes on to explain that we’ve done this exact same thing several times before, and this is precisely what we are doing now, again, in this fourth world.

Then he goes on to explain that the entire history of human beings has been to adapt to extremely harsh and difficult situations. He spoke about human beings expanding across the Earth: “Some of them went to places that were dark half the year. Some of them went to places that were water, or covered with snow and ice. Others went to places that were so dense with foliage that they couldn’t see five feet ahead of them …

“That is the marvelous capacity of our species to survive. Our adaptation is the ability to live where people have not lived before, under conditions they have not lived under before.”

He ends the essay: “Humans will survive the next climate change. Trust me. Humans will survive anything. Corporations won’t necessarily survive it though; Monsanto won’t survive it.”

This information provided a breakthrough in my conceptual understanding of what is happening on our planet. After reading his essay, I furiously scribbled the following note to myself:

“We don’t have to try to ‘fix’ climate change. It’s too late for that, and it’s ok. Our world is changing and the parts of it that are notworking for Mother Earth are notgoing to survive. Our role is to be ready to survive it, and to rebuild a sustainable, indigenous way of living, during and afterwards. And to support & uplift one another through the changes. It’s going to be ok. We don’t have to stress out so much. We don’t have to FIX it. We just have to get ready to adapt and rebuild in a good way.”

This was a relief to me, as these realizations poured through my system.

The Earth is whole and unharmed. And she is navigating all of this far better than we humans know.

Anything we as humans think we can control, is already being managed by larger forces.

The Earth is a living organism. She is not going to let us kill her. Her immune systems will kick in (and already have in so many ways) to force us to change, so that we have to stop harming her.

And that’s exactly what is happening now … With the extreme weather, the floods and the fires, and the huge global awakening of awareness that is sweeping through our psyches, through our hearts, making us want to change everything about the ways in which we are living.

So that made me feel better about surviving, about the future of my children and grandchildren and the next seven generations … even if conditions change, future generations can still survive, and even thrive in the changing environment.

And yet … Thinking this over, my conclusions still seemed a bit anthropocentric, and I still felt a large amount of grief and guilt over all the harm we as humans have done. Harm to the plants, to the animals, to the ecosystems. To ourselves. Why do we have to be so harmful?

Then I started watching a very compelling docu-series about gut health by Dr. Pedram Shojai. (Seemingly unrelated, right? But actually, oh so intertwined.)

And what kept popping up in my mind as I listened was, wow, we are harming our bodies on SO many levels, daily, relentlessly. Antibiotics, prescription drugs, processed foods, heavy metals, chemicals, sedentary lifestyles.

And yet our bodies, for the most part, keep healing.

It is incredible what our physical bodies can take and handle seamlessly, before showing even the slightest sign of weakness or dis-ease.

It’s also incredible what the Earth is able to handle, the ways we are harming her, and still she continues fairly stable and regenerates equilibrium over & over again.

Here is the key:

Living systems WANT to heal.

As Woman Stands Shining says, “The plan is LIFE. Just look around you. There is no other plan.”

And then these words came through, clear as a bell: The potential and capacity for HEALING is far greater than you can possibly imagine.

HEALING of the Earth, the plants, the animals.

Healing of our human bodies and minds.

The healing that WANTS to happen.

We just need to get out of the way and allow the HEALING to happen. The Earth can do this without any help from us. We just need to give her a little space.

As if to drive that point home, right on time, today I read the following in a beautiful article from Paula Gunn Allen, which seems to bring all of it together perfectly:

“We in the West believe that we can do anything. We actually think that we can destroy the planet. Try it. We actually believe that we can create a planet. Try it. We can’t do any of those things. We aren’t that big. We’re not that important. …

“The Great Mother is beautiful, no matter what. And she’s perfectly willing to fall on my head. She’s perfectly willing to erupt right now into a volcano like the movies they make in L.A. She doesn’t care. She does what she does. She’s not nice. She’s not pretty; she’s beautiful. And I’m telling you something about the feminine, what the feminine means. She is one scary bitch. She gives real meaning to the word. We run around as humans … We try to control her. You can’t control a mad woman who’s a sorceress. I can see why we try …

“The world can save itself quite well. It’s doing it. There are so many people who are involved in a new form of saving the world. It’s a wonderful thing. You’re doing it because She told you to. She comes through your bodies and hands and minds and mouths …

“You can’t change, fix, or solve anything. But you can live and learn and have gratitude and love. Then you’re here because you’re here because you’re Her, because we’re us. Now let’s get on with being and with nurturing each other and all the children and everything around us.”

So now, with these added insights from the elders, I believe I have come to a clearer knowing about what my vision was trying to communicate.

There is nothing to fix. What we’re experiencing today, is the natural progression of our world. It is not easy; yet we are here. We are alive. We get to experience all the beauty and all the splendor of this amazing life on our beautiful planet.

And when we look into our hearts, we know exactly what to do. We just need to work on being the best possible versions of ourselves, and cultivating the sacred and the TRUTH in whatever way we can, and we need to take care of each other, with love and compassion.

And then we need to trust.

Trust that the Earth is going through a shaman’s initiation, as Sandra Ingerman says. And because we are Her, we’re going through that initiation too.

Trust that it might be hard right now, but we already have everything we need to emerge into the brighter future.

Trust that it’s not all our fault. In actuality, most humans are doing our very best. Trust that it’s all part of a larger plan.

Trust that the healing WANTS to happen. That the Plan is Life. That the potential and capacity of the Earth to heal herself (and her capacity to heal us) is far greater than we can possibly imagine.

Trust that we don’t have to TRY so hard; we don’t have to SOLVE everything.

Trust that having fun and teaching our children how to be happy and being kind to other people are some of the absolute best things we can possibly do with our time here.

Trust that when we follow our soul’s calling and do what we love, that that calling is the Earth and Cosmos and all that is sacred, speaking through us, helping us each to unfold as a perfect part of the larger plan.

And TRUST that we are whole. The Earth is whole. We are exactly where we are meant to be.

The Holy Hoop of Life has never been broken.

We Are Being Upgraded and Recalibrated. Can You Feel it?

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One of my elder teachers says that our beautiful planet Earth is one of many celestial beings in the universe. Earth is on her own life path, just as we all are. The events occurring on our Mother Earth right now, are not only part of our human journey, but part of Earth’s journey too, part of her soul’s evolution. These events are one aspect of a larger whole that is encompassed by the larger universe and multi-verse. We are not the only place where the action is happening!

As we recognize that our Earth is one being in a larger celestial family, it’s important to notice that we are not alone. Earth herself is not alone. She has parents, aunties and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, out there in the universe, guiding and helping her, my elder teacher says. She is also instructed by a vast higher intelligence that permeates all of creation. This higher intelligence is an integral part of each living being (you, me, alligators, pandas, ants, trees, ferns, rivers, mountains, Earth, Saturn, Sun, etc…), providing us with inner guidance, a sense of knowing from one’s heart, and ancient understandings of all that we perceive.

This higher intelligence is also being broadcast throughout the universe in a truly celestial version of the internet, for all beings to receive & utilize. It comes in the form of sunlight, starlight, and pulsing energetics traversing the vast distances of the cosmos.

Our Earth is constantly receiving instructions and information to support & guide her on her evolutionary path.

And so are we.

In recent months, we have received numerous cosmic upgrades from this higher intelligence. That’s one of the reasons why everything feels so incredibly intense right now. We are being upgraded with new celestial technology, within our DNA and throughout our entire bodies.

Ascension guide Sandra Walter says: As Gaia’s magnetics shift, our own magnetics are adjusting. This is a function of the Ascension process; migrating realities to new, purified systems where the Higher Self can express right through the physical. It can make you feel like you are simultaneously coming apart and unifying with your Higher levels at once. Both are occurring.” (See Sandra’s full article here.)

As a result of these shifts, there are changes you might notice within yourself, especially if you are naturally sensitive to energetics:

  • Increased intuitive abilities
  • Enhanced awareness of synchronicities and magical occurrences
  • Increased levels of gratitude
  • Sensations that it is urgent to change or do something different
  • Feeling especially emotional
  • Increased need for self-care and improved health regimens
  • Feeling the highest highs & the lowest lows
  • Tiredness, a need for more sleep

Also driving forward this massive energetic shift is the fact that we will have 5 eclipses in 2018, instead of the usual 4 per year. 2019 will also have 5 eclipses, and 2020 will have 6! We are living in times of dramatic evolutionary shifts, and we are being guided by the larger intelligence of the cosmos. Eclipses rock our world and bring us face to face with both intense light and intense shadow. During the upcoming July-August eclipse season with eclipses occurring on July 13, July 27, and August 11, we are called to release all that is old and no longer serving the collective good, and to create ways of being and living that are entirely new, strengthening & revitalizing our connection to the creative force of LIFE.

Those of us living at this catalyzing time are being called to bring forth a new reality based on love, compassion, and community. This new way of being and living will be so powerful it can rise above & overcome the violence and separation that humanity has experienced over the past 500 years or more.

The horrific events in the United States with children being torn from their parents’ arms at the U.S./Mexico border, is a part of this soul evolution that we are experiencing. Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters, says: “This deep sickness is not new. To me it is the mother wound exposed in its raw agony. The child crying out for mother in a world of humans more or less completely separated from the true mother that births and breathes us all our whole lives long. We are almost all broken from our Mother ~ severed from the experience of a belonging so complete that we could never shred our ecosystems and consume our world to the threat of our own lives and that of all species. The normalisation of ecological dominance is an expression of this fracturing. The caging of children is another.”

Despite the difficult news we now hear daily, this is not a time to despair. It is a time to heal ourselves so that we can be ready to take action.

It is a time to allow our highest self to come forth in support of LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE. As I mentioned before, we are experiencing both the highest highs and the lowest lows, within ourselves as well as in the external world. It can be difficult to sit with these feelings of paradox; it can be overwhelming.

It is SO important to know that at the same time as we see tragedy occurring, we are each being upgraded and given supercharged abilities to change & to heal, to tap into the higher intelligence that is always available to us, to reject the old paradigm, and to create a massive restructuring of our world so these tragedies will be stopped in their tracks. 

The power to do this is within us. 

The power to do this is within the Earth. 

The power to do this is within YOU.

The power to do this is already here. We only need to acknowledge the INFINITELY MORE that we are capable of.

I encourage you to set aside 10 to 15 minutes, today or tomorrow, to sit quietly in solitude, and FEEL your new capabilities rising up within you. You are receiving, through cosmic upgrades, enhanced abilities to access your intuition, to connect with your spirit guides, to receive downloads of information that will help you discern the greater truth, and the courage to break apart the false illusions of fear and separation.

Really feel how the new energies are flowing into you & helping you to evolve on all levels.

Sandra Walter says: “Our new skills are quite limitless when we get our lower mind out of the way.” 

Above all, take heart and be kind to yourself. If it feels too intense, try to give yourself more time for self-care or sleep, so you can integrate the upgrades and allow deep healing to occur. You do not need to TRY to heal. Simply accept that you are engaged in a powerful process that is much larger than yourself, and give yourself space & compassion.

Your body is already attuned to the Earth and Cosmos, to the powerful force of LIFE regenerating continuously, here on Earth and throughout the galaxies. Your body and your soul know what to do. Your role is simply to allow them to evolve & receive the new energies coming in.

Know that, while things may seem cataclysmic, this is not the end. It is a stunning new beginning. We are entering into a time in which we can truly CHOOSE a completely new & different way of being and living in the world.

We must choose powerfully what we will create next!

Allowing the healing to occur within you is the first & most important thing you can do.

But if you are feeling restless and inclined to take action, then choose to do something that you have never done before. Getting outside of your comfort zone & intentionally choosing a completely new way of BEING is the ideal way to create the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible, as Charles Eisenstein says. Do something that your heart has been longing to do. Take action that feels aligned with your soul’s deepest knowings.

The world needs you. We need your highest self, and all of your gifts & talents, to be fully activated & brought forth as we move deeper into this time of Radical Change.

Be bold and fearless. Trust yourself. Trust the guidance that you receive. Everything you need is already within you. Your limitless skills are growing in power. Trust in this larger process at work right now, and know that you are here to assist.

Know that you are alive at this momentous time to help bring in the new energetics which will enable us to deconstruct the old, crumbling systems of patriarchy and build a completely new world based on life, light, and love.  

There is magic inside you. Allow it to bubble forth. Your highest self is ready to come forward. Relax into this process, with trust and confidence that all is happening in perfect divine timing, for the greatest good for all beings.

This is the way forward. 

Here we go!

Dare to Be Radically Different

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Can you feel it, rising up within you?

The desire to break free. To live the fullest life. To rise above what you’ve experienced so far in this lifetime. To become more than what you’ve been told is possible for you.

We have been repressed, suppressed, put down, put into boxes.

We have been told that we need to put on a pretty face to the world, and hide what we are really feeling.

We’ve been told that when our bodies feel something, we can take medications to not feel it anymore.

These are all examples of how we hide our true selves.

And within the TRUTH of ourselves, lies our extraordinary power.

Just as animals know ahead of time when an earthquake is going to happen or a tsunami is coming …

We too have extra sensory perception.

We have our gut feelings and our emotions to guide us. These are programmed to help us survive and to make tough decisions on the spot.

We have the ability to connect with our Mother Earth, and gain information and instructions from her.

We have the ability to connect with the ancient and infinite intelligence of the cosmos.

We have the ability to receive tremendous abundance.

Abundance, for example, in the form of sunlight, which is showered down upon us in infinite measure every single day. We receive the sunlight not only through our skin, but also through the plants we eat, because they have absorbed the sunlight (as well as moonlight and starlight) through photosynthesis, and they so generously give us a way to take the fiery life force of these cosmic intelligences into our bodies.

We receive abundance in the form of oxygen. With every breath, we take into our bodies the life-support system of oxygen. Oxygen knows how to fuel the cells of every living animal; and that intelligence is circulated throughout our entire bloodstream and to all of our cells every minute, every second of every day.

All of these aspects of the world around us contain immeasurable intelligence. We are part of all of these, and they are inside of us, informing us at every moment.

We are receiving these cosmic downloads of information continuously.

We are also given the gift of intuition, and deep ancestral knowing, to help us make decisions and to tell right from wrong without ever consulting the rules of the modern world.

We have all of this within us already, working to support us, working to help us be happy and free and prosperous.

So why do we doubt ourselves?

Why do we think that we are not good enough, not smart enough, not special enough?

Why do we deny our feelings and intuition? Why do we forget our dreams and downplay our visions for how our future could be? Why do we listen to what other people or modern culture are telling us to do?

No more!


No longer can we submit to staying trapped within the walls of what society deems appropriate for our minds, our hearts, our spirits. 

It is time to break free from ALL of that.


We are alive at this time to shift our entire world out of those old paradigms, and into an entirely new way of being, doing, and living.

We are here today, to be rebels.

We are here today, to be revolutionaries.

We are here today, to make a commitment to stand together, to break free from all of the limitations, from all of the restrictions, from all of the rules that have been falsely created, and falsely imposed upon us.

Keep in mind, that so many of these restrictions to keep our emotions in, to fit in with the crowd, have been created over thousands and thousands of years by a patriarchy that needed to have its subjects submit to its authority in order to stay in charge, in order to stay in power.

Where does that leave us with our power?

It leaves us without power — if we subscribe to those rules and norms.

But you don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules.


The most important thing you can possibly do in your life is to listen to your own dreams, your own intuitive knowing, your own emotions, your own vision, your own crazy ideas that no one else seems to understand.

Those dreams and knowings and visions are the higher forms of intelligence trying to reach you, trying to help you break down the walls that have kept you trapped so far in your life, that have kept you locked in to certain ways of being and doing.

So when you want to do something that doesn’t fit within the norms — within the prescribed rules & regulations of our modern / mainstream society — I say, do it.

As long as it is done in service to goodness and truth … Do it now! Do it immediately!

If you want to dance like a crazy person in your car one day, while you’re stuck in traffic, do it.

If you want to start a business doing something that you love but no one in your family will understand … What are you going to do? Give up your dreams? Or show your true self, reveal your true power, and see what possibilities might unfold?

You’ll be surprised at how things can shift & change when you open up to the TRUTH inside you.


You’ll be shocked at how obstacles can move right out of the way, when you set a clear intention to really LISTEN and RESPOND to what your heart is trying to tell you.

Let’s take a stand together to not submit to those outdated rules anymore.

And let’s let the wisdom within our bodies, and the wisdom that flows through our bodies from the sources of intelligence that are far older, and vaster, and more all-encompassing than us, to influence us.

Let’s not shut it down anymore.

This is my invitation to you.

This may be hard at first.

I understand, I really do.

I’ve been in this line of inquiry for some time.

I’ve had family members say terrible things about the work I’m doing now.

But I’ve realized that there is something much bigger at stake.


What your heart & your intuition are calling out to you to do …

It’s for a reason much bigger than yourself.

It’s to re-align you with your soul’s purpose. So that you can go out and make the unique, deeply-needed difference in the world that ONLY YOU can do.


It may be a big difference, or a small one. It doesn’t matter.

It may be calling you to heal yourself. That is SO IMPORTANT at this time as we are each being called to up-level our energetic frequency to contribute to the collective for a brighter future.

It may be about becoming a world-traveling thought leader who changes thousands of people’s lives every day. That’s important too!

It may be anywhere in between. The size and scope do not matter.

What matters is that you are finding ways to tune into the NEW paths that want to open up for you.

This may arrive to you through emotions, or visions that feel unsettling, or a deep knowing that something in your life is wrong. It may arrive through pain in certain areas of your body, or through money problems, or through illness.

However it arrives, your task is simple: To listen. To tune in and find out what message this higher intelligence is trying to tell you.


We have so much bottled up within us that is trying to tell us something …

That is trying to give us critical information …

That is trying to help us break free.


When you feel something in your body, I invite you to honor it. When you feel an emotion that you’ve suppressed, when you have a dream that you can’t forget, when you realize that a certain relationship is just not working anymore …

It is not a mistake. It is not something that you should ignore and hope it will go away.

You are being asked to respond in some way.

For example, if your neck hurts frequently, you might tune into that feeling of discomfort and ask what it would like you to know. Ask what it is trying to tell you. Maybe you just need to adjust the angle of your computer monitor that you stare at all day. Perhaps you’ve been under a lot of stress lately and need to focus on self-care. Maybe a yoga class would help your neck feel better.

All you have to do is ask, and trust that the answer is within you.

So this is my invitation to you today. LISTEN to your body. LISTEN to your emotions, your dreams, your intuitive knowing. TAKE ACTION on what you learn. If you need self-care, try a hot bath before bed. If you need yoga, go to a yoga class! If you need to reduce stress, try a new meditation practice or try speaking your worries to a friend (or pet!) who really cares.

I hope you’ll give this a try.

The first thing you take action on, will be the first golden thread that you’ve chosen to follow.

And maybe when you’re practicing that self-care or enjoying that yoga class, another idea will come to you. Another golden thread to guide you. Keep following those golden threads.

You’ll be amazed where they will lead you.

Once you have opened the door to really feeling what’s going on in your body, in your emotions, in your dreams and your daydreams …


You’ll be amazed how it will will open up portals to new opportunities and possibilities that you never imagined.

New ways of being / doing / perceiving will keep tapping you on the shoulder and inviting you … To do new things you’ve never done before … Things that will help you heal on many different levels.


It will lead you in the direction of whatever is perfectly right for you.

Set your intentions to be very open to whatever that might be.

Let’s feel our emotions, and express them.

Let’s feel our bodies, and allow them to do what they need to do.


Let’s be revolutionary.

Let’s not fit into the mold anymore.

Let’s honor our “crazy” ideas, and go out and take some sort of “crazy” action.


We are on a certain trajectory right now as human beings. A trajectory which is clearly not leading us to a good place. And we got here by following all of those rules and regulations and trying to “fit in” and “have a good job” and do what everyone else is doing.

Clearly, that model is NOT working any longer.

If you are reading this, then YOU are being powerfully called to change. To get outside of your comfort zone. To shake things up a bit in your life.

You are becoming aware that there are rapid changes coming through to us, from those sources of higher / cosmic / divine intelligence. Things are shifting tremendously. Mother Earth is entering into our hearts, changing our minds, and changing our ideas about what we really want out of life.

Can you feel it, rising up within you?

I know every one of you reading this is feeling the Earth and Cosmos speaking to you, on some level.

So let’s open up to their vast & ancient wisdom.

Let’s do something radically different.

Let’s consciously change our trajectory.

Let’s listen to what the Earth is telling us.

Let’s listen to what our bodies are saying, and our emotions, and our visions, and our craziest ideas. Let’s listen to them.

Let’s share them with somebody that we really, really trust.

And let’s take action, to allow them to grow and expand into something really, really new and different.


We have the ability, as human beings, to birth something entirely new and different than what we have known until now.

But the only way to do that is to allow ourselves to experience things that are completely new and different than what we’ve ever known.


So I invite you to welcome something completely new & different into your life, in whatever way might come forward for you.

Have fun with it!

Let it be joyful and playful.

And dare to do something different than you have ever done before.


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Are you at a time in your life when you are being pulled by forces greater than yourself into something completely different than what you had planned or expected?

I ask you this because this is exactly how I feel every single day!

We live in a time in which the old ways of doing things are no longer working.

And this is happening to us on multiple levels, both internally and externally.

Internally, or within your own self / body / heart / mind, it feels like everything is moving faster and faster. We are being asked to look at our shadows, our fears, our self-doubt … And to find ways to heal or transcend old wounds & traumas. So many people I know are facing the death of loved ones (those loved ones being both people and pets), and are searching to find how to continue living with the grief and sadness of that loss. With sun flares and catalyzing astrological events happening nearly every day, we are being called by a cosmic intelligence to uplevel our sense of spirituality, our sense of interconnectedness with Earth and Life, and to continue developing clarity around our soul’s mission.

External to ourselves, the systems in place for managing politics, economics, education, and environment are crumbling. The people who used to be our leaders are no longer trustworthy. The future of money is being called into question as options like bitcoin and other alternative currencies emerge into the marketplace. More and more children are coming into the world with heightened sensitivities, leading the way in an entirely new form of spiritual emergence, and the school systems do not know how to meet their needs effectively. Strange and unsettling weather patterns and climactic events over the past year have left communities rocked and trying to rebuild.

These are just a few examples of the massive shift that is happening in & around all of us at this time! Radical change is all-pervasive … We are immersed in it … We are learning to navigate it in ways we would never have imagined two or three years ago.

All of this is happening for a reason.

Those of us who are alive right now, are living at a time of radical and pervasive change. This feels, on the one hand, destabilizing and unsettling. Yet on the other hand we find ourselves often filled with a deep-seated hope, a knowing that this is truly a time of tremendous opportunity.

Because not only are we here to witness the destruction of the old ways of living, to release and UNLEARN all that no longer serves the highest good …

We are also here to co-create with divine intelligence, to build the new world that WANTS to be created through us.

We are experiencing very strongly now, so many aspects of life that were not available to most people during the past few hundred years. These aspects include: Our intuitive & empathic gifts which are opening up to guide us; Powerful ancient practices that we are now vividly REMEMBERING and coming back into alignment with; And the reviving of a deep & sacred connection to Mother Earth. All of this comes along with a realization of the profound interconnectedness of oneself with tree, with star, with bird, with mountain, with jaguar, and with all other miraculous life forms.

The majority of people in previous generations (the past 500 years or so – all of our recent ancestors) did not have access to these mysterious ways of KNOWING that are showing up so rapidly for us right now.

This is a huge gift, and we are being called to evolve with increasing speed — each of us as individuals, and the vast collective of humanity.

So if you are feeling an unsuppressable urge to make significant changes in your life … to quit your old job & leave behind the safe feeling of financial security so that you can do what you love … to leave the dishes unwashed in the sink and instead create an elaborate plan to start a movement or activate your soul’s mission … to finally say NO to a relationship that constantly leaves you feeling exhausted and less-than … to take your children out of school and begin homeschooling them … to stage a protest against something unfair or immoral that you see happening in the world … or to spend more time tapping into the unseen realms & strengthening your visioning & intuitive abilities …


If you are being forced against your will to make significant changes because of unexpected health issues, an emotional crisis, the death of a loved one, the loss of a once-reliable income source, the reappearance of old traumas, or the realization that you are desperately unhappy in your current situation …

Here are three things to remember:

(1) Know that you are not alone. We are living in intense times, and so many people all around the world are going through crisis, upheaval, or a significant shift in their lives right now.

(2) Know that there are no mistakes in the universe. Every single thing that happens to us and through us is divinely orchestrated to lead us on a path toward our highest self. (Even when it seems that this could not possibly be true!)

(2) Trust that this is temporary. Remember the old adage: “This, too, shall pass.” We can easily get caught up in feeling as if it will be this way forever … But the truth is, everything is temporary, and when we can settle into this knowing, we will be better able to make aligned decisions to shift our life in the direction we want to go.

Some of you may be experiencing these rapid changes as magical, with new possibilities opening up at every turn. Others may experience it as frightening, hopeless, or unsettling.

But the bigger question is … How can you work with this (possibly uncomfortable) situation and use it to propel your own development & learning process?

Whenever we are called or compelled to make radical changes in our lives, it’s because we are being asked to EVOLVE RAPIDLY.

And this is not meant to be easy!

It may seem as if what we need to do, or what is being asked of us, is impossible or too far outside the logical / rational framework in which we are accustomed to living.

We may be concerned that friends and family will not understand or support this new direction that our life is taking.

We may feel overwhelmed by large amounts of new information coming through, and find ourselves unable to get clarity on how best to take action.

If these words resonate with your heart and soul …

If you are being called right now to make RADICAL CHANGE in your own life …

If you feel that what is being asked of you seems impossible …

If you want to bring forth the BOLD and FEARLESS aspects within yourself …

If you are being called toward a new & important mission in your life …

Then I want to talk with you!

I am opening up a select number of complementary Navigating Radical Change Breakthrough Sessions. You are invited to schedule 1:1 time with me to work through the catalyzing shifts that are occurring in your life. I’m offering these free consultations because I can feel so strongly the tremendous shifts that are underway in our world at this time, and I know it is affecting MANY of you out there. Know that I am here for you, and my mission is to help as many people as possible break free from what has held you back in the past.

During our 60-minute 1:1 call, I will listen to your story, to gain an understanding of how Radical Change is surfacing in your life, and then I will offer you guidance and an intuitive reading to help you move forward with a new perspective and deeper understanding of your higher purpose, to guide you powerfully on your path. I have guided many clients through major life changes and the shifting of paradigms in their understanding of their purpose and mission. I would love to provide that same support to you!

Each and every one of us needs community. We need our stories to be witnessed and understood by another, and we need to feel held in a space of love and respect for where we have been and for what we are going through. This is the type of space that I will provide for you in our Navigating Radical Change conversation.

I invite you to schedule a Navigating Radical Change Breakthrough Session today, and I hope to have the amazing opportunity to speak with you soon.

Schedule Your Navigating Radical Change 1:1 Session!


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As the tenderest pale green leaves unfurl

Open to your power woman, you are the heart of it

As the tips of the trees turn pink, then red, then blossom into fullest abundance

Stand with pride woman, for your soul is one with it


As the icy, dark days give way to light, warmth, and gently awakening life

And the fertile soil springs forth with miracles;

As the birds return to sing outside our windows each morning, heralding all the signs of rebirth and renewal,


Woman, you hold the power

For giving life

For healing the darkness

For lifting us up with your song

For inspiring us to greater creativity with your dance


New life begins in your womb.

Just as Mother Earth incubates all the life-forms,

And provides fertile ground for the Spring awakening,

You birth the more brilliant future that our eyes long to see.


You embody the miracle of the spring equinox.


Earth, Mother, Wise Woman, Girl-Child, Pachamama

Your heart is at the center

Of this incredible resurrection:

The return of the vital life-force

After a long, harsh winter.


You are infinite

You are our brightest tomorrow

Show us the way

Embrace your role as our greatest inspiration;

Stand with pride

With a glint of laughter in your eye

For you know the secrets

You have seen the future

And it is all more beautiful

Than our human minds can fully comprehend.


Woman, show us the way.


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It is said that long ago, human lives were full of magic. We could perceive it all around us. It was in everything we saw. It inspired our songs and our legends. The land around us was alive and every part of it contained the palpable legends and living history of that place. Magic sparkled forth from the people themselves: The rippling beauty of a baby’s first laugh; the miracle of new life through birth; the otherworldly wisdom sought from revered elders. Almost like a drifting in and out of consciousness, humans were always only a blink away from the magic world, the dream world.

As time went on, people became focused on other things that were less real than the magic: money, power, ownership of things, dominance over other people and other forms of life, utilizing the Earth’s resources to increase wealth. Our reality is our perception, and so these things became dominant in our lives and we slowly forgot about our magic.

We began to deny the existence of the fairies; we drowned out the voices of our ancestors; we stopped conversing with the swaying trees. We filled our lives with to-do lists and worries that there might not be enough to go around. Money came to dominate us. And ever so slowly, without anyone really noticing that it happened, the scarcity became our new reality. We lost our ability to perceive the magic that is inherent in all creation; we lost the boundless abundance of the magical Earth.

Now the only way that most people hear of magic is in old songs and stories, and we think these are just make-believe tales, fiction, nothing more. Now, we have forgotten how to pass the magic along to the new generations; the children grow up more indoors than out-of-doors; we no longer hear the voices of the stones and the trees; we barely remember how to use the magic in plants and herbs to heal ourselves.

But the magic is still all around us, even when we cannot perceive it, just as the stars are still burning brightly even when it is daytime. There are clues to the magic everywhere, if we would just look for them.

Written by Jocelyn Mercado, based on ancient teachings from the indigenous peoples of North America, South America, and Australia

Rediscovering What We Knew Long Ago

Science seeks to explain the world in mechanical terms, based on the general assumption that we can take things apart (or view them at a smaller/closer level) to figure them out. When viewed through the lens of the scientific method, plants, animals, atoms, and gravity follow certain natural laws.

Over the centuries we have tended to embrace science over and above the innate knowledge that comes from deep within our hearts and bodies. In modern culture, our belief in the wisdom of intuition, dreams, intentions, and energy has diminished, replaced by mathematical proofs and research papers. Of course, great advances in science and technology have improved our lives in countless ways, but our over-reliance on quantitative ways of knowing has created imbalance.

But more recent discoveries in science reveal in breathtaking fashion that this mechanistic view of the world is becoming outdated. The new theories favor surprisingly holistic models based on unseen forces such as vibrations and energy, which ancient and indigenous wisdom have always held to be true.

1. We are surrounded by invisible magical forces.

Scientists are learning that something called dark matter is what holds the universe together. It is the scaffolding of the galaxies. It slows cosmic expansion, keeping us and everything from hurtling off into nothingness. It was first postulated in the 1930’s, and has since been confirmed as new studies indicate that galaxies would never have been able to form in the first place if dark matter hadn’t been there to hold them all together. But because dark matter interacts so weakly, or not at all, with other matter and even with light, we can’t see it or measure it. We don’t yet know what it’s made of or even where it’s located.

Dark energy, first named in 1998, is even more mysterious. It has been called “a general label for what we do not know about the large-scale properties of our universe.” It is believed to be the force that is accelerating the rate at which the cosmos expands. Dark energy is such a mystery that “explaining it may require something new: a quantum theory of space and gravitation.”

A recent National Geographic article states that “What we can see is only a tiny fraction of what exists.” Additionally, “Scientists are confronted by the embarrassing fact that they don’t know just how much energy, dark or otherwise, space contains.” This leads me to wonder … just how much is there that is missing from our science textbooks because it’s beyond what we as humans, in our limited physical bodies, can readily perceive? It’s beyond the perception of the instruments that we designed with our limited knowledge of the universe.

2. We are all one.

Every single living and non-living thing on the planet is made of stardust. The atoms in all of our bodies, as well as in the trees, rivers, rocks, animals, and the planet Earth, were created in previous generations of stars over 4.5 billion years ago. When those stars grew old and exploded, their material was expelled into space, and a portion of that spun into the Earth, creating the billions of living and non-living forms that are so familiar to us today.

The indigenous worldview is based in the belief that everything has a name and a spirit: Trees, rivers, the Earth, lightning, insects, rocks, animals, flowers … everything. Each living and non-living being has a personality and its own energy that it lends to the health and wholeness of the planet. When we harm one of these beings, we are all harmed, because we are all interconnected. When we as humans do the work to consciously cultivate a relationship with everything, reaching out with strong personal intention toward all aspects of life and nature, we transformationally enhance our ability to connect with the fullness of life, heal ourselves, and achieve our greatest potential.

3. Intuition and extrasensory perception are real, they are available to all of us, and they can reveal a deeper, more meaningful life.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) was founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. It is dedicated to exploring the idea that “reality is more complex, subtle, and mysterious than conventional science leads us to believe.” IONS studies apply scientific rigor to phenomena that do not fit conventional scientific models, including the “potentials and power of consciousness” and the “realization of our human potential.” They are on the leading edge in providing science-based training programs and tools to assist people in shifting consciousness and awareness toward a new vision of reality.

In the book First Intelligence, Simone Wright recounts her experiences as an intuitive who assists the police and aids in criminal investigations by connecting with the unseen world. She has had immense success in finding missing children, locating criminals in hiding, and providing precisely accurate physical descriptions of crimes including the sequence of events, the weapons used, the appearance of victims and shooters, getaway vehicles involved, and so on. She now trains others on how to access their intuition, and she asserts that “Anyone can do it. We are born to do it. Everyone can develop their natural skills to use in life.”

Furthermore, we use this ability every day without knowing it. We have déjà vu. We experience synchronicity. We think of a person and then they call. Our dreams give us access to an alternate reality. We see a beautiful sunset or hike to the top of a mountain and feel a deep peace within. When we come up with a new solution to a difficult problem, or come up with a new invention, or create a work of art, where does the idea come from? It comes from nowhere. It comes from another place, a place of flow and interconnection, that we are only beginning to understand.

Indigenous cultures are actively engaged with the unseen world through shamanic journeying, connecting with spirit animals, dreaming, and opening up to communicate with nature including trees, rocks, animals, plants, the moon, sun, and stars. Some cultures, such as the Sng’oi people of Malaysia, believe that the unseen or dream world is reality and the waking world is an illusion. Who is to say for sure that they are wrong? Perception is reality. When we open our lives up to perceiving more than meets the eye, we make a connection with a richer, more incredible world than we ever knew possible.

4. People and all creation are composed of energy and vibration.

Superstring theory states that, as we go to smaller and smaller levels of matter, the smallest elements are not particles of matter, but instead they are vibrations of extremely small strings of energy.

The vibrations that make up our universe range from the microscopic to the infinitely huge. Electrons and protons, we now know, are not fixed objects in space but rather vibrating energy. The wavelengths of the colors we see are vibrations. Our heartbeat, the annual migration of birds, the tides, the orbits of planets around their stars, and even the expansion and contraction of the universe … all are vibrations on an increasingly larger scale.

Indigenous wisdom has held since the beginning of time that we are all made of vibrational energy, and that the strength and quality of our energy determines our health, success, and power in the world. When someone becomes ill in an indigenous community, the shaman first seeks to cure them by healing the mind of the person. When a person’s perceptions or thoughts have negative energy, it will affect their entire body. We need to pay closer attention to our vibrational energy every day, cultivating positive thoughts and positive actions, and over the long term this will help us to increase our health and feeling of well-being far more than any medication.

How Can We Find the Magic Again?

Charles Eisenstein said: “A miracle is something that is not possible from the old story, but is possible from the new story.” New scientific discoveries are giving us a point of entry to a new reality, a new way of perceiving the universe, that may be more incredible than we can possibly imagine, given our species’ current world concept.

Let us open our minds to new possibilities, new perspectives that might seem far-fetched. Everything was impossible before it was done for the first time. So we should try to see life in a new way, and expect greatness. Expect miracles. Expect for the known to be unknown, and for the unknown to lead us to a new and brighter existence.


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Written by Danielle Prohom Olson & originally published on Gather Victoria

Doe, A Deer, A Female Reindeer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas

“Oh wondrous headed doe… Amongst its horns it carries the light of the blessed sun…” ~ Hungarian Christmas Folk Song

Long before Santa charioted his flying steeds across our mythical skies, it was the female reindeer who drew the sleigh of the sun goddess at winter solstice. It was when we “Christianized” the pagan traditions of winter, that the white bearded man i.e. “Father Christmas” was born.



Today it is her beloved image that adorns Christmas cards and Yule decorations – not Rudolph. Because unlike the male reindeer who sheds his antlers in winter, it is the larger and stronger doe, who retains her antlers. And it is she who leads the herds in winter.



So this season, when we gather by the fire to tell children bedtime stories of Santa and his flying reindeer – why not tell the story of the ancient Deer Mother of old? It was she who once flew through winter’s longest darkest night with the life-giving light of the sun in her horns.



Ever since the early Neolithic, when the earth was much colder and reindeer more widespread, the female reindeer was venerated by northern people. She was the “life-giving mother”, the leader of the herds upon which they depended for survival, and they followed the reindeer migrations for milk, food, clothing and shelter.



And from the British Isles, Scandinavia, Russia, Siberia, across the land bridge of the Bering Strait, she was a revered spiritual figure associated with fertility, motherhood, regeneration and the rebirth of the sun (the theme of winter solstice).


Top right to left: Siberian Deer Tattoo 2nd century BCE., Shamanic Headdress found in Düsseldorf Burial, Scythian Deer figurine, Mesolithic Burial of two women in France, Scythian Rod, Iron Age


Her antlers adorned shrines and altars, were buried in ceremonial graves, and were worn as shamanic headdresses. Her image was etched in standing stones, woven into ceremonial cloth and clothing, cast in jewelry, painted on drums, and tattooed onto skin.


Deer Stones Image Source Wikipedia. Upper Left Image: Pen and Ink Sketch of Mongolian Deer Stone by Penny Sinclair, Scottish Narratives.


The reindeer was often shown leaping or flying through the air with neck outstretched and legs flung out fore and aft. Her antlers were frequently depicted as the tree of life, carrying birds, the sun, moon and stars. And across the northern world, it was the Deer Mother who took flight from the dark of the old year to bring light and life to the new.


      Sami Reindeer Woman, source Arctic Photo


For the Sami, the indigenous people of the Nordic countries, Beaivi is the name for the Sun Goddess associated with motherhood, the fertility of plants and the reindeer. At Winter solstice, warm butter (a symbol of the sun) was smeared on doorposts as a sacrifice to Beaivi so that she could gain strength and fly higher and higher into the sky. Beivve was often shown accompanied by her daughter in an enclosure of reindeer antlers and together they returned green and fertility to the land.


               Sami Reindeer Woman, source Arctic Photo


Many winter goddesses in northern legends were associated with solstice. They took to the skies led by a bevy of flying animals. One tells of the return of Saule, the Lithuanian and Latvian goddess of the sun. She flew across the heavens in a sleigh pulled by horned reindeer and threw pebbles of amber (symbolizing the sun) into chimneys.



Mary B. Kelly’s book Goddess Embroideries Of Eastern Europe explores images of the horned deer mother in the sacred textiles of women. The image of the mother goddess Rohanitsa is often shown with antlers and gives birth to deer as well as children. For her feast day in late December (most likely solstice) white iced cookies shaped like deer were given as presents or good luck tokens, and red and white embroidery depicting her image were displayed.


           Ceremonial Embroidery of Rohanitsa, Image Source from Mary B. Kelly


In Siberian legends the reindeer took flight each winter after ingesting the hallucinogenic Amanita Muscaria mushroom, the archetypal red toadstool with white spots. Shamans would join them on a vision quest, by taking the mushrooms themselves. Climbing the tree of life in her horns, they would take flight like a bird into the upper realms. Other folktales tell how shamans, dressed in red suits with white spots, would collect the mushrooms and then deliver them through chimneys as gifts on the winter solstice. Talk about a wild night.



While many historical explorations of the pagan origins of Christmas observe the link between Santa’s garb and the red and white amanita mushroom ingesting shaman, few mention that is was the female shamans who originally wore red and white costumes trimmed with fur, horned headdresses or felt red hats! The ceremonial clothing worn by medicine women healers of Siberia and Lapland, was green and white with a red peaked hat, curled toed boots, reindeer mittens, fur lining and trim. Sound familiar?


                                       Horned Kichko, ancient russian shaman females sacred hat.


Considering that most of the shamans in this region were originally women, it is likely that their traditional wear is the true source for Santa’s costume.  And it is also very likely that they were the first to take shamanic flight with the reindeer on winter’s darkest night.

And while these women are largely forgotten today, the Deer Mother still lives in our Christmas cards, seasonal decorations and tales of Santa’s flying reindeer. And while we may not recognize her, I believe some deep, old part of ourselves still remembers the original “Mother Christmas” who brought light and new life to the world.



So this solstice take a moment to remember the forgotten winter goddesses of old and their magical reindeer. Look out from your warm cozy home into the cold of the darkening eve. And on the sacred night when the sun is reborn, look for the Deer Mother flying across starry skies, carrying the tree of life in her horns.




(By Danielle Prosom Olson) This postscript is in response to the many comments and requests I’ve received for the sources of the above post. Many have never heard of the Deer Mother or her female shaman -which is no surprize. Today the internet is awash with articles examining the pagan origins of Christmas but what is consistently overlooked is the idea that there may have been a feminine source for yule traditions.

For example, a plethora of “alternative” articles observe the link between Santa’s red and white garb and the Siberian shaman, and consistently refer to this shaman as “him”. Little mention is made that this ceremonial clothing was worn by the earliest shamans in the northern regions who were -and still are – female. In fact the leader of the Mongolian Reindeer People, according to this source,  is a 96-year-old shaman known as Tsuyan.



And when it comes to the deer, well there is much talk of the stag, but little mention of what was once an important spiritual figure to our northern ancestors – the Deer Mother. Much historical scholarship has assumed that many horned images found in archaic relics, ritual objects and artwork were male. But considering the evidence for a reindeer mother goddess cult dating from the prehistoric, many scholars now suggest that some of these images may be in fact, female reindeer.

That early female shaman wore horned headdresses and antlers is also well documented. In Miranda Green’s book Symbol and Image in Celtic Religious Art she states, “animal symbolism associated with goddesses reachs it apogee with horned female images, usually adorned with antlers.”


          Lead Plaque of Horned God (or Goddess?) found in Chesters, Northumberland. Miranda Green.


Green makes the point that while the antlered god Cernunnos is well known in eastern Gaul (and is revered in many pagan circles today) there were also feminine counterparts found in at many sites such as Clermont-Ferrand  (Puy de Dome) and at Besancon (Doubs).



Esther Jacobson compiled the deer iconography of the early nomads of South Siberia and northern Central Asia. Her book The Deer Goddess Of Ancient Siberia: A Study In The Ecology Of Belief traces the image of the deer from rock carvings, paintings, and monolithic stelae from the Neolithic period down through the early Iron Age.  And her study demonstrates that this deer goddess “religion “revolved around female “wise woman” and the Deer Mother herself.


Reindeer Stones or Stele. Image source Wikipedia.


The deer goddess was known across northern Europe. From The Deer-Cult and the Deer-Goddess Cult of the Ancient Caledonians  by J.G. McKay “There are an immense number of traditions, references, notices of customs, and various minor matters, which show conclusively that there formerly existed in the Highlands of Scotland two cults, probably pre-Celtic, a deer-cult and a deer-goddess cult. The latter cult was administered by women only…”


                          Antlered female shaman (believed to be Nishan from NE Asia)


The book The Golden Deer of Eurasia published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is a wonderful visual exploration of the sacred significance of the deer and reindeer in the shamanic traditions – which “was understood as essentially female” and associated with the tree of life, fertility, motherhood  birth and the rebirth of the sun (the theme of winter solstice!)

According to this lovely article “Reindeer and the Sun are very common association in Siberian shamanism. Tattoos on buried shaman women also contain deer tattoos, featuring antlers embellished with small birds’ heads, and since the goddess cultures of female shaman is most associated with deer, serpent and birds, it is right that these deer stones were the sacred ritual grounds of women. This reindeer-sun-bird imagery can symbolize the female shaman’s soul transformation from human to deer, from earth of the middle world to higher gates of the middle world and even the lower world.”


         Mesolithic female shaman of Bad Dürrenberg, 7000-6500 bce, with reconstructed regalia from animal bones,                   horns, teeth, and shells. From a wonderful color-illustrated pdf of “Archaeological Finds from Germany”


This fascinating article describes the ancient traditional clothing worn by “Medicine Women Healers” in Siberia and what once known as Lapland. “The red peaked, felted hats and curled-toe boots and warm mittens of reindeer-hide complete, what I believe to be, the feminine origins of perhaps the first of a very long line of Santa Claus replications. Their long lineage of connection with the induction of spiritual journeys through the drum, their relationship of healing with “Reindeer-Magic” and their ability to create potions and salves which could incite ecstatic visions or “Shamanic Journeys,” give us a deeper look at the Solstice and contemporary Christmas symbol. These priestesses-of-the-antlered-ones who flew through the night to gather blessings and healing and then distributed these gifts to their tribe members must surely be considered as proto-typical Fore-Mothers of Santa.”

So based on these sources (and I could go on!) it seems quite certain that there once an ancient deer mother goddess associated with the sun at winter solstice. It also seems likely that female shamans took to shamanic flight with the Deer Mother on this sacred night.

Today some of our most cherished Christmas iconography features antlered “stags”. Why does this image still speak so strongly to us? Could it be that they evoke an ancient memory? Are we remembering the long forgotten mother of winter solstice? I like to think so.

P.S. And if you want another way to share the story of the Deer Mother – CLICK HERE to see a little video about her!

This article was written by Danielle Prohom Olson & originally published on Gather Victoria