Our Next Global Dream Group Gatherings Will Be Held:

Friday, July 10, 2020 at 10 am Los Angeles / 1 pm New York / 6 pm London

Friday, August 14, 2020 at 10 am Los Angeles / 1 pm New York / 6 pm London

Friday, September 11, 2020 at 10 am Los Angeles / 1 pm New York / 6 pm London

“In the beginning was the dream. Through the dream all things were made, and without the dream nothing was made that has been made.” ~Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth: Our Way into the Future

You are invited to share your dreams in global community!

Early peoples the world over held sacred the meanings and messages delivered in their dreams, visions of the night. In many, maybe most, early cultures the days began with hearing the dreams of the community. This would guide their days; tell them when to hunt, when danger was nigh, when to plant, how to understand meanings of the world and of cosmic origins. Every scripture and myth, in all the world’s cultures, tell stories of the importance of dreams in guiding the people. The voice of God and Goddess, however Spirit is named or conceived, was known to speak directly to us through dreams.

Dreams are a universal language. Everyone dreams. Animals dream. Ancestors and angels speak in dreams. The web of life tells its story in dreams. Dreams are critically important in the psychic life of individuals and the community. Yet somewhere along the way we lost track of this divine gift. As we increasingly developed empiricism and rational thinking, marginalizing other ways of knowing, we forgot the dream language. We lost our guides, and have clearly lost our way.

The story humans in general are living now of progress, conquest, consumerism, war, money, profit motives and power became the currency of human life, the reality tacitly taken to be necessary and true. When we stopped dreaming with the Earth we began to destroy our common home, our common Mother who alone can nurture and feed us. Objectifying her we rape and abuse her without realizing or caring.

It is time to listen again to our common dreams, time to shed an old story that is causing mass extinctions of countless species on our planet, which may before too long include our own. The New Story can be heard in our dreams. Guidance for how to live and support it will come if we listen. A new mythology is waiting to be born, and we must do whatever we can to be birthers and carriers for it.

Let us join the earlier cultures who regularly listened to the dreams of the community, and the cultures who still do this today.

Tayria Ward and I have created a monthly forum for doing this. We will listen to dreams you feel you can share with us, especially those that you sense might have a collective image or significance, you decide. Tayria and Jocelyn will comment briefly on some; Jocelyn will call on those who raise their hands in the forum and together we will all weave the emerging story. If you don’t have dreams to share, come to hear and remember. Let us listen together and see what arises.

Simply fill out this form to register & you will be included on announcements about the next Dream Symposium:

Painting at top: A Dream of a Girl Before a Sunrise by Karl Brulloff, 1830-1833