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We are here to completely reject the widely-accepted view of reality and go deep within to discover the eternal, essential, and liberating truths of our existence!

I honor you for making the decision to embark on this journey of the heart and soul and discover your true purpose in this lifetime.

I welcome you to our global community of changemakers with a deep commitment to break free from all that holds us back and to accelerate the global shift in human consciousness.

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Module 1: A Time of Unprecedented Opportunity

We live in a time of crisis … And that’s precisely why it’s so important to act now to work for great transformational change in the world. This change must be both inner and outer. Each individual being connecting with their own inner light is just as important as any outward activism. All of this activity must raise the total human consciousness so we can move forward into a new existence filled with light, peace, and abundance.


Module 1 Video:


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The Discover Your Magic Online Course:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your True Purpose and Learning How YOU are Destined to Change the World

6-Week Course Starting August 15, 2016

Course Overview:

The training consists of six modules. You will receive one new module each week, beginning on August 15, 2016. You can proceed through them at whatever pace is best for you.

Module 1: A Time of Crisis … A Time of Unprecedented Opportunity

Currently on the Earth we are experiencing higher levels of daily stress than any generation before us. More people are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other difficulties. We have trouble focusing, and we feel disconnected and rushed much of the time. There is a reason for this. This Module explains more about the current state of the Earth, and why we are experiencing this right now. Then we will explore the scientific and spiritual reasons why this is a time of unprecedented opportunity, unlike any other time previously experienced in human history, for us to move forward into a better way of living in which we are in touch with the abundance and life-giving power of nature and the universe.

Module 2: Dispelling the Myths

We are taught certain basic concepts from an early age: There is never enough, there is overwhelming fear and suffering in the world, our fate is out of our control. These are lies. These falsities were handed down to our parents and then to us from past generations in order to help us function in the “real world.” In Module 2 we will learn how to dispel these myths and discover the underlying truths of the universe, which are based in scientific discoveries and indigenous wisdom. We possess so much more power than we realize. These discoveries lead us into Modules 3-6, where we will connect with our inborn power and use it to manifest a new and brighter reality.

Module 3: Go Within and Heal Yourself.

In Module 3, we will learn to listen to the innate wisdom of our own bodies, to strengthen and hone our intuition, and to live in the present moment. There are so many ways to do this eye-opening work. It is delightful once you learn to experience the opening of your heart and mind, and from this point, new opportunities and synchronicities will begin occurring in your life with greater frequency.

Module 4: Move Past Your Blocks

This Module will guide you through an exploration of your past and your perceived future, so that you can acknowledge and accept the areas which may be blocking you from living your fullest life. This module includes exercises to help you explore limiting beliefs created during childhood, mindset blocks you you’ve been carrying for years, and even past life memories, to uncover your full story. Then we will zero in on the parts of the story that are keeping you trapped, and dynamically shift your understanding of yourself so you can open to your full potential and the magic that you are meant to experience in this lifetime. Once you understand and fully accept these parts of your being, you can move past them and on to greater success.

Module 5: Find Your Special and Unique Purpose

This is where the magic happens! Expect to make serious breakthroughs in this module. We will take everything you have learned in Modules 1-4, weave these learnings together with what you observe and feel about the world around you, and develop profound insights to discover exactly what you are here to do in this lifetime. The fact is that no matter how much inner work we do, we must acknowledge the fact that there is still suffering in the world. Life is not perfect. Global problems such as refugee situations, human trafficking, poverty, illness, and environmental destruction are real, and they are symptoms of the world’s suffering which affect every one of us. Module 5 will guide you through inner work to accept the fact of suffering, and use this knowledge as a springboard for finding your highest purpose and your motivation to make the world a brighter place.

Module 6: The New Era of Consciousness

We are at a turning point. Those who are open to change, to embracing new perspectives and new modes of being, will find success and enlightenment. Those who resist change and try to hold onto the old paradigms will experience greater and greater stress and discomfort. Now that you have completed Modules 1-5, you are ready to springboard into the new era and fully receive magic and synchronicity into your life. Module 6 will guide you through many prominent enlightened theories that are gaining traction in our changing world, to open your mind and inspire you to reach ever higher, to claim the abundance and success that is rightfully yours as a being of the universe.


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