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 SACRED PLANET Transformational Life Coaching Programs

Our life coaching programs are based upon Ecopsychology, nature-based wisdom, and creative, life-affirming exercises to help you access your heart’s truth. These aspects are integrated with holistic health and wellness principles, indigenous and shamanic wisdom & practices, as well as extensive research into the science of our souls, our emotions, and our heritage or ancestral lineage; and in addition, our undeniable connectedness with the natural world. Human beings are not just living on the Earth, we are a living part of the Earth. This basic truth is a core component of Sacred Planet life coaching programs.

Due to this one-of-a-kind combination of expertise and training, our coaching packages are very unique; you will not find anything else out there that even comes close to offering this fully integrated look at every aspect of your being and your future business or visionary venture, and then works with you holistically and energetically to bring the life you have dreamed of, directly into your reality.

Offered in 3-month and 6-month packages, these Transformational Life Coaching Programs will empower you to redesign your life; challenge you to expand beyond your current limitations; and guide you in fully embracing the role of visionary and changemaker that is your destiny. All of the answers are within you. The magic happens through carefully crafted courageous conversations with me, which will draw out the deep truths hidden in your subconscious and your ancestral memories. Once identified, these truths will open you up to what your soul longs for. Then we will work together to craft a new future, more incredible than you have ever dreamed of, and you will be guided along a step-by-step path to create this future, starting with dreams and ideas, and building it into concrete reality.

Infinite possibilities are available to you. Look up at the stars. Do you see how countless they are? You have the same number of opportunities available to you. We will go deep and discover them together.


Do not doubt your importance in the universal plan that is unfolding before our eyes.

This message is for YOU. You are a sacred & precious being, unlike any other in the world, and you hold the key to something that the world deeply needs at this time. Have courage. Share your gifts without fear or hesitation.

We all need YOUR light to shine brightly.

Stand tall, allow your courage to rise up within, and make this commitment along with me.

My role as your coach is to empower & inspire you to be your very best. To provide sacred space for you to share and release your greatest fears, limiting beliefs, and doubts about yourself. To give you permission to dream big and break free from all that has held you back in the past. To provide accountability for you to work powerfully toward your highest purpose & mission. To be your cheerleader, to keep a constant & clear vision of your highest possibilities. To provide a safe space in which together we can celebrate your wins, grieve your losses, and take stock of what you have learned to accelerate your evolution into alignment with your highest self.

The world is depending on you, on me, on us. We matter. We CAN and we WILL change the world, together.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, fearful, or timid … Know that you are so much stronger than you could possibly know at this moment.

When we can’t feel our own power, it’s because we have become cut off from the parts of the world that are meant to fill us up, bring us peace, and rejuvenate us.

There is a way to heal.

I am here to be your guide. To help you open up your intuition, reconnect with your purpose & mission, experience magic and synchronicity in your life, strengthen & heal your physical body, and receive guidance from the divine.

Book Your 60-Minute Breakthrough Session

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

With your wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver


I look forward to meeting you soon.

Love and magic,

Jocelyn Mercado



“I have discovered in Jocelyn a true spiritual guide for the modern world, or more… for the world we want to create for the generations to come. Her teachings, coaching, summit have been a fantastic inspiration boost for my own personal and business development. For me she represents the sacred marriage between the yin and the yang, by being both structured and mastering the technologies, while showing more feminine aspects such as being supportive, kind, inspiring, a perfect listener, creating beauty in her work. A foot in both worlds, which is what I believe is required from us today. I can only recommend Jocelyn to anyone who is on their path of wanting to discover their true nature and how to make a living out of it. Thank You Jocelyn for being here.”
~ Baccarha B., Switzerland


“Jocelyn Mercado is an incredible coach and mentor. She is totally committed to improving your professional life and personal life. Jocelyn has helped me keep focused and accountable, yet providing an unbiased point of view. She has provided me a clear vision of where I am going, defining what I want and where I want to be. She is devoted to taking the time to understand my goals, dreams and aspirations, dedicated to my success and finding news ways to support.

Jocelyn is intelligent, intuitive, compassionate and speaks from her heart. She has a unique insight and tremendous ability to connect with people where they are at, inspiring and nurturing them to move in a positive direction.

I am grateful to have Jocelyn as my coach. She is extremely passionate about her mission, purpose and is a true gift in this world – Thank you Jocelyn!”
~ Rebecca S., Georgia, United States


“Week after week, thanks to Jocelyn’s clear and well documented teachings, my life started shifting… And at the end of the course, I am at point where I can connect with Mother Earth more intimately than I had ever imagined. But I have been gifted with so much more! My heart has opened to an extent that I did not think possible. The way I see and understand Life has totally changed. Thanks to this course I have found answers to my most existential question : why am I here? I found my biggest dream and could recognize it as such and confidently make the first steps towards its realization. Jocelyn has offered us a remarkable amount of scientifically proven facts and simple but powerful tools to continue our exploration and our path towards our biggest dream. She showed me in many ways that Life asks us to stop playing small and how to contribute to a better world.”
~ Vanessa F., France


“Jocelyn has a unique gift to hone in on the emerging common dream and help others tap into it to see their place in its creation and express it. Excellent. Spot on. Everything she shares in the course resonates with my experience and knowledge, and I have been at this for over three decades. Jocelyn’s course reminds and inspires us to expect miracles. She has done her homework and is generous with her gifts. She poised to generate prolific impact and support others to do the same.”
~ Catherine B., Hawaii


“Jocelyn, When I started this course I was in a very chaotic and scattered state. I had a lot to do, but felt quite ineffectual. Once I began to feel held in this ‘container’, the act of listening to the material, doing the exercises, and reflecting on myself and my patterns, enabled me to slow down, and sink deeper into myself. With this increased awareness of nature & my surroundings, came an increased awareness of myself in my environment. I started to see the patterns of busyness and resulting overwhelm, as ways that I ‘avoided’ my true calling, and kept me stuck … It was great to take the opportunity to stop, and connect with what is it that I really want/need to do, what is my calling, and to identify my deepest fears around fulfilling my purpose. I feel inspired now to move forward in my projects, and feel like the energy is freer and flowing now. Something deep has shifted. Thank you for sharing your insights and holding this special space.”
~  Anna P., New Zealand


“Jocelyn with her beautiful personality, knowledge, and wisdom, has the gift of teaching you to co-create with the divine and your true higher self to achieve your life journey and goals.”
~ Olympia Z., Greece


“The course was most nourishing and soulful. Jocelyn has an amazing capacity to make a difficult broad subject not only digestible but inspiring too. It has motivated me to be in touch with Mother Nature’s energies and it has empowered me to be part of this universe as my birthright. The course has somehow miraculously simplified my life into a more coherent energetic whole. Thanks so much Jocelyn. Your ability to convey a message and an idea or a feeling is amazing. Your capacity to teach and inspire is remarkable. You are salt of the earth and an inspiring role model for me to strive and continue my life’s purpose and work.”
~ Daniel G., United Kingdom


“Jocelyn, I want to thank you so much for the 3+ hour intensive business planning session we had yesterday. You helped me so much to see the forest from trees. I feel ‘unstuck’ and excited again. It was super comfortable and felt very safe to open up and share my truth with you. Being able to do this helped me to see that it’s ok to dream big, make it mine, and go for it, all the while seeing how I can get the results I want. Love my new and improved action plan. Looking forward to moving forward again. Thank you so much, with gratitude and love.”
~ Cammie R., Ontario, Canada


“My experience of a 30-minute Life Coaching Discovery Session with Jocelyn Mercado was truly life-changing. At this time in my life I am immersed in innerwork and am working through Alida Birch’s The Co-Creation Handbook to manifest my life’s purpose. My session with Jocelyn perfectly complimented this process, as she guided me to articulate my vision and record it in my personal statement. I am so grateful to Jocelyn for her intuitive guidance in facilitating my vision, out of which several possibilities for future action have arisen. I am truly inspired by Jocelyn’s work and will look to her Transformational Life Coaching and her online courses for further guidance on my journey. Thank you so much, Jocelyn for sharing your gifts of wisdom, guidance and compassion through your work.”
~ Elizabeth S., Australia


“Jocelyn has a loving, generous and giving spirit and I sensed that she truly wanted to help me discover and achieve what lights me up in life and brings me joy. I found her extremely easy to talk to and felt at ease with her immediately. She created a connection with me that made me feel listened to and cared for, but the most important thing was that it was genuine.”
~ Mei T., Belgium


“It was wonderful getting a chance to spend 45 minutes with you!  I really appreciate that you gave me the extra time.  I work with a population that is always in crisis.  One of the skills I try to teach my students is to shift their thinking from victim/crisis/poverty thinking to problem solving/path finding/abundance thinking.  Until I spoke with you, I never realized that my own mindset was a poverty mindset.  I had no idea I was harboring such destructive thoughts for myself while trying to get others to rearrange their thinking.  Thank you so much for helping me open pathways and doors to abundance thinking!  I continue to do the exercises you taught me, and I am hopeful that abundance will come into my life soon.  Thank you for that!”
~ Kathy A.


“My 30 minute session with Jocelyn was full of possibilities. Jocelyn is a great listener and then gives you an expansive view of what the potential could be for you! Thank you Jocelyn.”
~ Beatriz O., Florida, United States


“Thank you so much for giving me so much of your generous time today.  You have provided me with a much deeper vision of my future then what I have been experiencing.  And thank you for the valuable tool to make it reality.  I appreciate you so much for sharing all of your wisdom!”
~ Ronda M., California, United States


“I didn’t know quite what to expect, but Jocelyn got right to the essence with her questions. The foundation of her experiences allows for deep awareness. Her listening skills are finely tuned and she is able to chart a course for the conversation with ease. I found our 30 minute session to be supportive, insightful and inspiring. Your time with her is worth every minute of connection with her.”
~ Lynn G., Oregon, United States


“I’ve been staying with vibes from the summit for quite a while, and wanted to honor your work so deeply. Thank you for your everlasting energy and drive, to create this container of people who are ready to move into the creation of the New Earth, to interview daily inspiring hosts and connect souls all over the world. Thank you!”
~ S. M.


“Thank you for the opportunity to have a session with you! I must say that it feels great just to talk to you. You are a good listener and give support so people can understand what’s going on in their subconscious mind. Bless you Jocelyn with my love and light. For those considering Jocelyn’s programs, let the words flow, she may change your life!”
~ Siw, Northern Sweden