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 SACRED PLANET Transformational Life Coaching Programs

Our life coaching programs are based upon Ecopsychology, nature-based wisdom, and creative, life-affirming exercises to help you access your heart’s truth. These aspects are integrated with holistic health and wellness principles, indigenous and shamanic wisdom & practices, as well as extensive research into the science of our souls, our emotions, and our heritage or ancestral lineage; and in addition, our undeniable connectedness with the natural world. Human beings are not just living on the Earth, we are a living part of the Earth. This basic truth is a core component of Sacred Planet life coaching programs.

Due to this one-of-a-kind combination of expertise and training, our coaching packages are very unique; you will not find anything else out there that even comes close to offering this fully integrated look at every aspect of your being and your future business or visionary venture, and then works with you holistically and energetically to bring the life you have dreamed of, directly into your reality.

Offered in 3-month and 6-month packages, these Transformational Life Coaching Programs will empower you to redesign your life; challenge you to expand beyond your current limitations; and guide you in fully embracing the role of visionary and changemaker that is your destiny. All of the answers are within you. The magic happens through carefully crafted courageous conversations with me, which will draw out the deep truths hidden in your subconscious and your ancestral memories. Once identified, these truths will open you up to what your soul longs for. Then we will work together to craft a new future, more incredible than you have ever dreamed of, and you will be guided along a step-by-step path to create this future, starting with dreams and ideas, and building it into concrete reality.

Infinite possibilities are available to you. Look up at the stars. Do you see how countless they are? You have the same number of opportunities available to you. We will go deep and discover them together.


Do not doubt your importance in the universal plan that is unfolding before our eyes.

This message is for YOU. You are a sacred & precious being, unlike any other in the world, and you hold the key to something that the world deeply needs at this time. Have courage. Share your gifts without fear or hesitation.

We all need YOUR light to shine brightly.

Stand tall, allow your courage to rise up within, and make this commitment along with me.

My role as your coach is to empower & inspire you to be your very best. To provide sacred space for you to share and release your greatest fears, limiting beliefs, and doubts about yourself. To give you permission to dream big and break free from all that has held you back in the past. To provide accountability for you to work powerfully toward your highest purpose & mission. To be your cheerleader, to keep a constant & clear vision of your highest possibilities. To provide a safe space in which together we can celebrate your wins, grieve your losses, and take stock of what you have learned to accelerate your evolution into alignment with your highest self.

The world is depending on you, on me, on us. We matter. We CAN and we WILL change the world, together.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, fearful, or timid … Know that you are so much stronger than you could possibly know at this moment.

When we can’t feel our own power, it’s because we have become cut off from the parts of the world that are meant to fill us up, bring us peace, and rejuvenate us.

There is a way to heal.

I am here to be your guide. To help you open up your intuition, reconnect with your purpose & mission, experience magic and synchronicity in your life, strengthen & heal your physical body, and receive guidance from the divine.

Book Your 60-Minute Breakthrough Session

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

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Mary Oliver


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Love and magic,

Jocelyn Mercado