How to Access Universal Guidance & Consciously Redesign Your Life: 

5-Week Online Course from Sacred Planet

Explore the numinous space where mysteries & synchronicities abound; where spiritual growth & manifestation occur.

This 5-week course is an unforgettable deep dive into the imaginal realm: The space between dreaming and awake. This is where mysteries and synchronicities abound, where spiritual growth & manifestation originate. Learn an abundance of powerful practices to consciously live your life in continual connection with the Anima Mundi, the collective world consciousness. You will deepen your spiritual abilities, feel your connection with the cosmos, and access your own brilliance and intuition like never before.

This rich and magical course will be delivered via 5 live group Webinar sessions in April & May 2018. Each week, join the live Webinar along with other like-minded participants all around the globe. The 60-minute teaching portion of each module will be followed by 30+ minutes of Q&A in which attendees can ask their own individual questions and receive on-the-spot coaching from Jocelyn.

This is a fantastic opportunity to receive customized coaching in the group setting, and learn from other participants’ questions as well! A recording of each session will be sent out afterwards in case you cannot meet at the scheduled time.

To set the stage for this course, a quote from plant expert & researcher Stephen Harrod Buhner:

“Despite our culture’s willful ignorance, deeper perceptual experiences and paradigmatic shifts in cognition are spontaneously emerging with more frequency, and much more strongly, into the human species. For using this different kind of perception is the way out of our predicament [both our individual/personal and our collective predicament] … It is an evolutionary necessity …
[When we access the imaginal realm] We extend our awareness further than society wants it to go, specifically through our capacity for shifting consciousness in a particular way. And when we open those perceptual doors to see deeper into the world, we begin to enter another world entirely; we begin to leave the merely human world behind; we begin to see from the world’s point of view. And the view from there is much, much different than the view from our cultural orientation. Simply by existing, by reflecting back to the culture something outside its frame of reference, those of us who perceive in such ways really do fairly spectacular damage to entrenched presumptions about the nature of reality. Given the situation that we find ourselves in, as individuals, as a culture, as a species, this is a capacity that is essential … “

Let us, then, in this hands-on, experiential, and exploratory course, dive deeply into the nature of reality. Let us examine the lines of contrast between that which is “normal” to mainstream society versus that which is “normal” to shamans, Buddhists, and others who are experts in the imaginal & spirit realms.

Let us explore the fullness of what is truly available to YOU as a brilliant spiritual and physical being who was born of this blue-green Earth and this mysterious Cosmos. And let us use this information to re-examine and re-design your plans for the future in order to embrace astounding new possibilities for YOU to live your fullest and most joyful life.

The course materials include:

Module 1: Attune to the Cosmos

  • How to break free from the “expectations” of mainstream society
  • The Mystery as humankind’s birthright; how other cultures & ancient cultures have tapped into the Mysteries of the Earth & Cosmos for thousands of years
  • Where did we really come from? and What are we supposed to be doing in this life? (An exploration of theories & possibilities)
  • How YOU can access the deeper & very real possibilities that are waiting to be discovered (A scientific approach)
  • Exercises to try in your daily life to more widely open up the doorways to a new perceptual reality (An experiential & experimental approach)
  • In this module we will examine the research & writings of David Abrams, S. H. Buhner, and Arkan Lushwala, among others

Module 2: Synchronize Your Energetic Frequency with the Earth’s Heartbeat
Cultivating a sacred connection with Mother Earth

  • Attuning to the cycles of the Moon; to the Solstices & Equinoxes; to the continual return of the stars and planets
  • Experiential deep dive into ancient & shamanic practices
  • Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine principles
  • Immersion in gratitude, magic, and mystery in your daily life
  • Practices to honor your body, the physical temple of your soul
  • Healing foods to support your fullest LIFE and to help you vibrate at a higher energetic frequency every day

Module 3: Open Up Your Ancient Knowing & Intuition

  • How to move out of survival mode, and into continually receiving the deepest insights & inspiration every day
  • How to release past pain and feel your true & innate brilliance
  • Connecting with your ancestors to release their pain & suffering, for the highest good of all
  • Connecting to your Highest Self and accessing your life purpose
  • Deepening your spiritual ability to connect with the Divine
  • Road Opening Techniques: Clearing the pathways to new opportunity in your life
  • How to hear that still, small voice of your Intuition with clarity – AND how to take action on the guidance you receive (not always easy, but ALWAYS worth it!)
  • Spending more time in the Dreamtime, the Imaginal Realms, and how to balance this with every day responsibilities

Module 4: Expand into Your Highest Self & Divine Purpose

  • How to travel to the Imaginal Realms to ask important questions – and how to hear & interpret the answers
  • Explore how we are all vitally involved in dreaming a new world into being
  • Understanding what the world needs now
  • Gain inspiration & insights into how YOU are meant to play a key part in creating the brighter future that we know is possible
  • Using your newly learned abilities to change the lives of others
  • What you perceive is what you experience: How to utilize this universal truth for POSITIVE CHANGE

Module 5: Create Your 1-Year Action Plan for Your New & Redesigned Life

  • How to take your insights gained from this course and use them to set goals & create a structure for your new life
  • How to keep your momentum & motivation SPARKLING even after this course has ended!

Integration: Shifting between the worlds to maximize your understanding, insights, & brilliance

  • Thinking big: How to gain deeper focus & clarity on the ways that YOU are meant to change the world
  • Starting your own community
  • Starting your own revolution or movement


Course Dates & Times

The Live Course Sessions will occur at 1 pm New York time on the following Mondays. If you cannot attend at this exact time, don’t worry. All participants will receive a full recording of every session to watch at your convenience.

  • April 2, 2018
  • April 9, 2018
  • April 16, 2018
  • April 23, 2018
  • May 7, 2018

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As a precursor to the course, I invite you to watch my exclusive interview for the Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summit, in which I spoke about Accessing the Mystery. If you like what you hear in my interview, you will definitely LOVE the 5-week course!