We are so excited that you’ll be joining us for this incredible adventure!



Here is what’s included with the Live Stream Ticket:

  • You will be able to view live, and also receive a recording of, the workshops with Tanishka, Simone, Rachel, Christine, and Jocelyn as listed below in the Retreat Itinerary.
  • Global participation in the Vision Questing & the Dreamtime experiential activity with Tayria. It’s recommended that you plan to be outside for this part of the event if possible! We will be joining hearts all around the world as we vision quest together & afterwards, share our experiences.
  • You will be able to view live, and also receive a recording of, the Mastermind Panel Session as listed below in the Retreat Itinerary.

Please note: The Opening Oneness Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance Ceremonies MIGHT be available on Live Stream but this has not yet been confirmed and will depend on the venue’s outdoor internet capabilities.




Retreat Itinerary (subject to change as needed, for weather or logistical considerations):

Day 1: Friday, May 5th

  • Noon arrival
  • Lunch
  • Opening Oneness Ceremony & Surprise Gifts
  • Workshop with Tanishka: Activating the Power of the Sacred Feminine to Create the Life of Your Dreams
  • Free time

Day 2: Saturday, May 6th

  • Ecstatic Dance Ceremony
  • Workshop with Simone: Visioneering: Creating Your Future from the Inside Out
  • Workshop with Rachel: Astrology & Tarot to Discover Our Mission & Divine Purpose
  • Vision Questing & the Dreamtime in the Ancient Forest with Tayria

Day 3: Sunday, May 7th

  • Ecstatic Dance Ceremony
  • Workshop with Christine: Creating a Heart-Based Business by Tapping Into Your Secret Sauce
  • Mastermind Panel with all Speakers: Ask the panel any personal or business question you want
  • Free time

Day 4: Monday, May 8th

  • Free time – Great for networking & exchanging contact info with others!
  • Workshop with Jocelyn: Group Visioning Exercise & Creating Your Personalized 12-Month Action Plan
  • Lunch
  • Departures


Important Note: Please be sure to add my email address (Jocelyn@WeAreSacredPlanet.com) to your address book to ensure you will not miss any emails about the Live Stream of the Women With A Vision Retreat.


Love and magic,

Jocelyn Mercado